Al-Sudani resumes his foreign tours with an eye on balanced relations with Washington

Al-Sudani resumes his foreign tours with an eye on balanced relations with Washington


Al-Sudani resumes his foreign tours with an eye on balanced relations with WashingtonIraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani intends to conduct a new tour that includes Germany and France, in a visit that is his first since he assumed the position of prime minister of the Iraqi government at the end of last year, while speculation continues about his upcoming, unannounced, and so far scheduled visit to the United States of America, amid political pressure to negotiate a solution. The American presence in Iraq and other related issues in relations between Baghdad and Washington.

The Sudanese government is looking forward to “holding the stick” from the middle in light of the differences between the two poles of the conflict, Tehran and Washington, and not repeating the scenario of the government of former Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government.

On Sunday, the air defense systems shot down a drone over the Ain al-Assad air base, which hosts US forces.

Create an atmosphere with Washington

Political researcher Nabil Jabbar Al-Ali predicted that the impact of dropping the march may not be significant on the course of the upcoming dialogues between Al-Sudani and the US administration, especially since the nature of its tasks was not disclosed, so was it an offensive or reconnaissance mission? The drone incident coincided with the anniversary of the ballistic missile attack that Tehran launched as a retaliation for the airport incident in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

He added, “The American forces and the armed groups opposed to them in Iraq are living in a state of undeclared truce, which is believed to have been arranged some time ago, and during this period the Sudanese government is trying to create an atmosphere with the United States and negotiate with it about the American presence in Iraq.”

He pointed out that Al-Sudani will soon carry the demands of the Shiite political forces to Washington, and has a mandate to conduct negotiations to achieve goals that push the US forces to withdraw completely from Iraq, and Al-Sudani may succeed in this mission based on American desires and aspirations that go in the same direction.

Regular visit

Meanwhile, the leader of the State of Law Coalition, Wael al-Rikabi, described his visit to Washington as “usual.” He said in a press statement, “There is an intention to visit Al-Sudani to Washington, but the date has not been set yet, and the visit, if achieved, will be regular.”

He added, “If the visit takes place, it is very normal in light of his tours and visits to Jordan and Iran and conferences.” He added, “Al-Sudani’s visit to Washington is expected to negotiate many issues pertaining to the country and common interests.”

In turn, a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Abu Mithaq Al-Masari, revealed that preparations are underway for the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States, at the head of a high-level delegation, to discuss many files related to Iraqi affairs. In a press statement, he pointed out that there are channels of communication with US diplomacy to arrange for the upcoming visit.

economic aspect

The economic aspect in the relations of the two countries has a major role, as economic researcher Bassam Raad says, “The strategic framework agreement between the United States and Iraq that was signed in 2008 and approved by the Iraqi parliament included the foundations for cooperation in the fields of economy and energy between the two countries.”

And he continued, “It is hoped that the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States will contribute to activating economic cooperation in a way that serves the supreme interests of Iraq and work to rebuild, develop and integrate Iraq into the global economy, as economic and commercial interests require joint action to strengthen relations in this aspect, as Iraq has reserves.” A huge amount of oil, which is the backbone of energy at present, and it is a developing country in dire need of technology, technical expertise and capital goods, and this description requires the two countries to work to expand trade exchange and remove all obstacles that limit this exchange in order to rebuild and rehabilitate the economic infrastructure of Iraq In addition to developing the oil and electricity sectors.

Although the challenges of the relationship between the two countries are not few, but the supreme interest of Iraq requires the continuation of the economic cooperation dialogue in order to contribute to the reconstruction and development of the economy, according to Raad.

New foreign tour

Al-Sudani will resume his foreign tours, as he is expected to visit Berlin on January 13, after receiving an official invitation earlier from the German ambassador to Baghdad, Martin Yeager.

And last Sunday, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein discussed with the French ambassador the ongoing preparations for Al-Sudani’s visit to Paris.

And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a statement that “Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein discussed with the French ambassador to Baghdad, Eric Chevalier, the ongoing preparations for the visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani to Paris at the end of this month.”

She added, “Al-Sudani’s visit aims to discuss regional and international challenges, achieve common interests, and emphasize Iraq’s vital role in laying the foundations for security and stability in the region.”

The ministry indicated that “during the meeting, issues of common interest between Baghdad and Paris were also discussed, which contributes to strengthening bilateral relations between the two friendly countries.” And she added, “The meeting also dealt with coordination and cooperation to achieve high-level mutual visits between officials of both countries within the framework of joint bilateral cooperation between the two friendly countries.”