Al-Sudani issues 15 directives

Al-Sudani issues 15 directives


Al-Sudani issues 15 directivesThe Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, issued a package of directives regarding strengthening the performance of the implementation, legislation and oversight systems, including working to recover Iraqi funds abroad.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said in a statement on Friday that Al-Sudani “directed, during the second regular session of the Council, held on November 1, 2022, the relevant authorities to take what is required, each according to its competence, to implement the following:

1. Enabling the Iraqi Council of Representatives to perform its legislative and oversight role, and to communicate with parliamentary committees within its constitutional tasks in legislation and oversight.

2. Create a clear vision; To administer the ministry, review and simplify procedures for citizens’ transactions.

3. Granting sufficient space for professional media to cover the minister’s tours and the ministry’s activities.

4. The Ministry’s coordination with the relevant authorities; To prepare the governmental program for the Ministry within a maximum of three weeks, starting from the date of issuing this directive; To be discussed in the Council of Ministers and approved, taking into account not to expand the government program.

5. Coordinating the members of the Council of Ministers, with the Governors; To overcome the obstacles faced by the provinces.

6. Urgently review the Ministry’s budget, give priority to lagging and stalled projects, and end their problems.

7. Evaluating the performance of employees in a fair scientific and professional manner, and sorting out the good among them and rewarding them; To be effective tools and support for the work of the Minister in the Ministry.

8. Check the contracts signed by previous governments, and verify their integrity, in accordance with the controls and instructions in force.

9. Processing the notes of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision, according to the specified timelines.

10. Cooperating with the Federal Integrity Commission, and facilitating the performance of its work tasks.

11. Emphasizing the importance of recovering Iraqi funds abroad that were illegally obtained by some persons, in coordination between your ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and adopting this as an important criterion in establishing political and economic relations with countries.

12. Single Window Confirmation; To facilitate the work of investors and to stay away from routine.

13. Activating the work of the amended Iraqi Products Protection Law (11 of 2010); To support the local product.

14. Activating the amended Export Fund Support Law (6 of 1969), facilitating export procedures and supporting exporters; to revitalize the private sector.

15. Supporting the tourism sector, by activating the work of the Council of Ministers Resolution (154 of 2022).