Al-Sadr attacks America and its ambassador, Romanowski: she is foolish and plays as she pleases

Al-Sadr attacks America and its ambassador, Romanowski: she is foolish and plays as she pleases

2023-07-24 10:34

Al-Sadr attacks America and its ambassador Romanowski - she is foolish and plays as she pleasesShafaq News / On Sunday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, attacked the United States of America, from its president, Joe Biden, to its ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski.

Al-Sadr wrote in a tweet on Twitter, seen by Shafaq News Agency: “America, even if it claims to be a democratic country, and democracy means (the opinion of the people) or referring to the majority of the people, but (Joe Biden) did not give the people and their opinion any importance when he said: America is a homosexual nation, forgetting that the majority of the American people will not accept that, as did his predecessors when they occupied Iraq, and most of the people in America rejected the occupation of Iraq, but rather the absolute occupation.”

He added, “America is an enemy of democracy as it is an enemy of peace, because it is an occupier, and an enemy of heaven because it supports indecency,” adding, “We also see that the foolish (America’s ambassador to Iraq) enjoys playing as she pleases and does not care about anyone. Rather, she claims to be the greatest and strongest country in the world, and claims to be the protector of minorities and the oppressed. At the same time, she supports the burning of divine books and the infringement of the feelings of Muslims in all parts of the world.”

Al-Sadr continued, “Has it come to us to accept the enemies of democracy, peace, and the sky controlling us? By God.. it and its state want us and our religion bad.. and its actions are only the beginning to pave the way for spreading immorality so that Iraq will follow America, and it will be: (the gay nation).”

The leader of the Sadrist movement concluded his tweet by saying: “No, a thousand no.. The people of Iraq will only be (the nation of justice), (the nation of truth), purity and virtues. Indeed, I declare that Iraq is (the nation of the Qur’an) and (the nation of prophets), messengers and saints.”