Al-Mandalawi to Shafaq News agency: Parliament will vote on the budget next Monday

Al-Mandalawi to Shafaq News agency: Parliament will vote on the budget next Monday

2023-05-20 02:37

Al-Mandalawi to Shafaq News agency - Parliament will vote on the budget next MondayShafaq News/ Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament revealed, on Saturday, that the parliament will start voting on the tripartite general budget, starting on Monday, May 22.

He said in a special statement to Shafaq News Agency, that there are no problems that impede the approval of the general budget law, adding that all political blocs agree on approving this law.

He added, “According to what was agreed upon, the House of Representatives will vote on the budget law in a session next Monday.”

On March 13, the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the draft budget law for the years 2023, 2024, and 2025, and referred it to Parliament.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives completed the first and second readings of the draft federal budget law for the Republic of Iraq, which was submitted by the government of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani for the fiscal years (2023, 2024, 2025).

The 2023 budget is the largest in Iraq’s post-2003 history, and Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani said that its total amounted to more than 197 trillion dinars ($135 billion), including an operational budget of more than 150 trillion dinars, and an investment budget of about 47 trillion.

The estimated deficit rate is close to 63 trillion Iraqi dinars, and the total expected revenues are equivalent to more than 134 trillion dinars, while oil revenues are estimated at 117 trillion dinars based on an oil price of $70, while non-oil revenues amount to 17 trillion.

The last budget approved in Iraq dates back to April 2021, while one was not adopted in 2022 due to the political turmoil that paralyzed the country for a year after the last legislative elections.