Al-Maliki’s coalition renews its position: There is no need for US forces in Iraq

Al-Maliki’s coalition renews its position: There is no need for US forces in Iraq


Al-Malikis coalition renews its position - There is no need for US forces in IraqInformation / special.
Today, the State of Law Coalition reaffirmed its position on the lack of need for various foreign forces inside Iraq, and while Washington’s allegations of the presence of these forces for training are “incorrect”, it confirmed that Iraq has a large army and combat forces such as the popular crowd.

And the House of Representatives had obligated, on January 5, 2020, the government to cancel the request for security assistance from the international coalition, and work to end the presence of any foreign forces on Iraqi soil and prevent them from using its lands, airspace and waters for any reason.

There is an agreement among all the leaders of the coordination framework regarding the lack of need for the presence of US and other foreign forces allied with Washington in the country, according to the speech of the leader of the coalition, Fadel Mawat, to Al-Maalouma.

Iraq has a large army – according to Mouwat’s words – and other fighting forces such as the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Federal Police, which are capable of preserving the external and internal security of the country, adding, “As for the presence of American forces fighting with this intensity inside Iraq, there is no need for it.”

Mawat stated, “The presence of these forces today is unjustified and constitutes a major problem for the sovereignty of Iraq, especially since the country has exited Chapter Seven,” pointing out that “Al-Sudani is consistent with this idea and demands the removal of US forces from Iraq.”

Today, Sunday, the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, reaffirmed his position that Iraq does not need foreign combat forces, but rather the need for advisory missions only without prejudice to Iraq’s sovereignty.

The leader of Maliki’s coalition confirmed, “There is an agreement with the American side in 2011 through which all these forces withdrew, but their return was through some weak personalities who took over the prime minister.”

And the leader of the coalition considered: “Washington’s allegations that these forces are used for consultations inside Iraq only, are false and incorrect.”

The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad Karim, confirmed, earlier, that “the foreign forces are focusing on the issue of training the Iraqi army in order to ensure that they stay inside Iraqi territory to implement their malicious plans.”