Al-Maliki is ready to overthrow Al-Halbousi, provided that the Sunni consensus is achieved

Al-Maliki is ready to overthrow Al-Halbousi, provided that the Sunni consensus is achieved


Al-Maliki is ready to overthrow Al-Halbousi provided that the Sunni consensus is achievedBAGHDAD – The State of Law Coalition, led by former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has expressed great reservations about Muhammad al-Halbousi’s presidency of Parliament, stressing that he will support any step to overthrow him, provided a Sunni consensus is achieved.

And this new position confirms the reports that spoke earlier about the role of al-Maliki in fueling the pressures on the leader of the Progressive Alliance within the Sunni house, which is pushing for his dismissal from the presidency of Parliament.

The leader of the State of Law Coalition, Kazem Al-Haidari, said on Monday, “The change of Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi is subject to his behavior in the presidency of the Council, which has many observations, some of which were already raised by the Sunni component.”

Al-Haidari added, in press statements, that “the coordination framework deals with caution and does not want to interfere because the issue is first and foremost inside the Sunni house, but the framework will support the demands of the Sunni component if it leads to any unified decisions towards changing, dismissing, or any other decision.”

Al-Halbousi has recently been under intense pressure from rival Sunni forces calling for him to step down from parliament, accusing him of exploiting the position to serve his own agenda.

These criticisms of al-Halbousi come at a time when Iraq is preparing to hold provincial council elections, which are no less important than the legislative elections, due to the role of these councils in appointments and in approving local policies.

Observers believe that the State of Law coalition, which does not hide its precautions against al-Halbousi and has not forgotten his alliance with the Sadrist movement, is in its interest to increase pressure on him to bargain with him in a number of files, but it is unlikely that the matter will reach the point of overthrowing him, because this may lead to the dissolution of the administration’s alliance. The state, which constitutes the political umbrella of the government led by Muhammad Shia al-Sudani.