Al-Khalidi: Al-Sudani closed the cave of corruption in Anbar

Al-Khalidi: Al-Sudani closed the cave of corruption in Anbar


Al-Khalidi - Al-Sudani closed the cave of corruption in AnbarInformation / Baghdad.
The head of the Bayariq al-Khair Party, Muhammad al-Khalidi, revealed, on Wednesday, the details of the investigations into the corruption of Anbar Governorate, indicating that the measures of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a in combating corruption in Anbar succeeded in stopping the corrupt.

Al-Khalidi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “The extent of corruption in Anbar is unprecedented, in light of the figures on the wealth of some of the officials who were recently arrested.”

He added, “Five positives from the anti-corruption campaign in Anbar, the most prominent of which is ending the looting of public money and correcting its budgets towards reconstruction and not the pockets of some corrupt people,” stressing the involvement of many political forces in corruption.

Al-Khalidi pointed out, “The investigations indicate that corruption in Anbar is organized and not by the personal action of some officials,” noting that “the upcoming elections will witness important changes due to the results of the investigations.”

Anbar province recently witnessed a series of arrests of directors of several departments due to suspicions of great corruption in vital sectors.