Al-Kazemi’s government uses “last moments” tricks… and the decision session reveals the truth about “Al-Mabkhout”

Al-Kazemi’s government uses “last moments” tricks… and the decision session reveals the truth about “Al-Mabkhout”


Al-Kazemi's government uses last moments tricks... and the decision session reveals the truth about Al-MabkhoutInformation/Baghdad.
Amidst an exaggerated security tension, the current caretaker government did not succeed in maintaining the security and safety of citizens and the democratic process by repeatedly bombing the Green Zone and its surroundings in an attempt to disrupt parliament sessions and the formation of the new government.

According to observers, the current government is involved in cooperation from the parties that carry out the bombing in conjunction with the holding of parliament sessions, which represent the hours of détente for the Iraqi people and their exit from the current crisis, which is the most dangerous after the knowledge of 2003.

Others believe that the renewed bombing is due to external agendas and internal tools in order to maintain the state of chaos in Iraq under the current caretaker government and to strike parliament to prevent the holding of sessions.

In this regard, the leader of the State of Law coalition, Wael Al-Rikabi, confirms that the current government is one of the parties that are working to bomb the Green Zone in conjunction with each session.

Al-Rikabi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma that “the current government represents one of the parties whose interest is to disrupt today’s session due to the continuation of the political blockage,” noting that “these parties are working to foment chaos and destabilize security at the hour of solutions and moments of détente.”

Al-Rikabi continues his speech, “Despite the security tightening that occurred since last night, whoever is being bombed is a collaborator of the current caretaker government.”

On a related level, political analyst Sabah Al-Ugaili believes that the bombing of the Green Zone in central Baghdad may be caused by external parties with an internal implementation with the aim of confusing the scene and ensuring that parliament sessions are not held, noting that the government bears responsibility for the security breach that occurs.

Al-Ugaili told Al-Maalouma, “There are parties that do not want to conduct the political process in the correct manner, in addition to the presence of external parties seeking to mix papers and Iraq’s going towards chaos and obstruction of government formation.”

He adds that “some parties seek to inflame the street and create chaos in order to disrupt the work of Parliament and obstruct the formation of the government, and therefore there is an external push for internal implementation in order to exploit the peaceful demonstration to pass some agendas.”

Coinciding with the date of the prime minister’s selection session, the Green Zone and its surroundings were targeted by missiles, which affected a number of defenseless citizens.