Al-Kazemi threatens: If they want chaos and conflict, I will declare the position vacant

Al-Kazemi threatens: If they want chaos and conflict, I will declare the position vacant

2022-08-31 08:16

Al-Kazemi threatens - If they want chaos and conflict I will declare the position vacantShafaq News/ Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi threatened, on Tuesday, to declare the position vacant in accordance with Article 81 of the Iraqi Constitution in the event of continued chaos and conflict.

Article 81 of the Iraqi constitution states that the President of the Republic exercises the functions of the Prime Minister when the position becomes vacant, for any reason, until the President of the Republic assigns another candidate to form a government within 15 days of the assignment period.

Al-Kazemi said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people and followed by Shafak News Agency, “I am talking to you today and I am in pain over the situation that the political conflict has brought us to, and I thank the security forces that I want them to be a party to in the (uncontrolled weapon) conflict with (uncontrolled weapon); She refused but to align with the homeland, and refuse to place the barrel of guns in front of the Iraqis’ chest, no matter how irritated they are.

He added, “For more than two years, we have been adopting a policy of confining arms to the state’s hands, despite all the accusations, appeals and missiles that were directed at us,” explaining that “the pure Iraqi blood that fell yesterday sends a warning to every honest and authentic Iraqi that today we must face the bitter facts, and that arms be laid down.” It is actually under the authority of the state, not a slogan or a claim.”

He continued, “We formed an investigation committee to determine those responsible for placing weapons in the hands of those who opened fire on the demonstrators and shed blood despite the strict directives we issued to prevent the use of bullets, and it is necessary to determine who opened fire, rockets and mortars on the government area throughout the night.”

Al-Kazemi said, “This shameful reality requires an honest and frank stance to confront and confront it. Enough of the duplicity of the state and non-state, and the official security system must all be linked with all its orientations, and there is no difference between this and that immediately with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and every undisciplined bears legal responsibility.”

He added that “the weapon that was used yesterday is wasted money, wasted blood, wasted opportunities. This weapon should be used to protect Iraq, not in power struggles,” stressing that “each military unit must act according to its jurisdiction and responsibilities that are exclusively defined by law, Executing the instructions, plans, and contexts of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in the movements and duties.

Politically, he said, “We have undertaken our responsibility to launch a national dialogue between the various political forces to help them reach a satisfactory solution for all. To my Iraqi people: Iraq is greater than everyone, and there is no person, party, or force more important than Iraq and Iraq’s interests.

He continued, “I have served my people with honor and honesty, and I have never been a party or part of the problem, and I have been patient with all kinds of abuse, obstruction and declared war by all parties to weaken the state and its decision or blackmail it or reduce everything that was achieved for electoral goals, and for reasons that do not belong to the essence of Iraqi patriotism.” Despite this, I did not and will not abandon my responsibility before my people, and any option serves the interests and security of Iraq, and achieves political agreement between the different forces, and I was and still am with the principle of the peaceful transfer of power.

The Prime Minister said, “I warn from here, if they want to continue to provoke chaos, conflict, discord, and strife, and not listen to the voice of reason, I will take my moral and patriotic steps to announce the vacancy of the position at the appropriate time, according to Article 81 of the Constitution, and hold them accountable before the Iraqis, and before history. Our country has been bleeding for many years, and every day we push to the death thousands of our best youth, why? For what sin and what crime?

He continued, “Every drop of blood is caused by chronic political failure, and this surrender to the language of spoils, quotas, and weakness of national affiliation.