Al-Fateh reveals a new “political movement” to end the government formation file

Al-Fateh reveals a new “political movement” to end the government formation file


Al-Fateh reveals a new political movement to end the government formation fileInformation/special.
Today, Saturday, the Al-Fateh Alliance revealed a new political movement that brings together Sunni, Kurdish and Shiite forces to go towards forming the new government, while calling on the political forces to accelerate their steps to solve the current crisis.

The leader of the coalition, Ayed Kazem, said, in an interview with the “Information” agency, that “there is a great movement between the political partners to proceed with the completion of the constitutional dues and an attempt to end the crisis,” noting that “the understandings have reached advanced and very large stages, especially between the Kurdistan Democratic Party, The Alliance of Sovereignty, the Coordination Framework and the Allied Forces.

He added, “There is a desire to go towards Al-Hanana after forming a delegation from the authorities related to sovereignty, democracy and the coordinating framework, and presenting their findings to convince Al-Sadr to do so.”

Kazem called on the political forces to “accelerate their steps towards resolving the crisis and completing what is required of them,” pointing out that “there is a serious and effective move led by the party and sovereignty with the coordinating framework for resolving the crisis and ending the file of forming the government, which has taken a long time.”

A member of the Political Bureau of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Saad al-Saadi, confirmed today, Saturday, that the political forces are going to hold a session of the Iraqi parliament this week.

The political process has been blocked for more than ten months. As a result of political differences over the form of the next government, some parties, including the Sadrist movement, demand the dissolution of Parliament and the re-run of early elections, and on the other hand, the forces of the coordination framework are moving towards forming a government and proceeding with the constitutional entitlements.