After publishing the budget instructions… Ministers will be subject to government evaluation soon!

After publishing the budget instructions… Ministers will be subject to government evaluation soon!


After publishing the budget instructions... Ministers will be subject to government evaluation soonPolitical researcher Musha’a Al-Tamimi said today, Wednesday, that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani’s decision to change the cabinet may create problems for him within the State Administration Coalition.

He added, in an interview with “ Al-Jarida ”, that “according to what Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani announced last April, his intention to carry out a cabinet reshuffle, and he challenged the leaders of the political forces by saying that he would “not flatter” any of them, so the government evaluation started from the general managers for a period of 3 years. Months and 6 months for agents, advisors and governors. As for the assessment of ministers, it will take place after approving the budget, according to Al-Sudani.

He pointed out that “Al-Sudani will begin, after publishing the instructions for implementing the budget, to evaluate the performance of the ministers, and I see that he has a clear vision regarding the ability of some of his ministers to implement government programs, but the reality so far is different from the principle, as the prime minister has not had the opportunity to implement his desire to bring about a major change.” In general managers, agents, advisors and governors, how will he implement a desire for ministerial reshuffle? This means that he is fighting to obtain his constitutional rights based on Article 78 of the constitution.”

He continued, “The real problem and dilemma in front of Al-Sudani today is the ability to persuade the political forces to change, because the justifications for not carrying out the ministerial reshuffle and changing general managers, agents, advisors and governors, especially after the lack of justifications for change and with the near expiry of a year since he was granted the constitutional oath for political reasons, so the concern today among some of The ministerial reshuffle that al-Sudani desires may create a crisis within the state administration coalition, and this may cause obstruction of the government program and even commitment to the political agreement within the coalition. Stability, especially with a major failure that occurred in the past two months in the service aspect, especially in the issue of electricity, combating corruption, drought, exchange rates, poverty, and others.”