After discussing it with Romanowski… The Iraqi budget is on Sami’s table and the parliamentary finance

After discussing it with Romanowski… The Iraqi budget is on Sami’s table and the parliamentary finance

2023-05-08 01:05

After discussing it with Romanowski... The Iraqi budget is on Samis table and the parliamentary financeShafaq News/ On Monday, the US Ambassador to Baghdad, Elena Romanowsky, revealed the content of her meeting with the Iraqi Finance Minister, Taif Sami.

Romanowski stated, in a tweet seen by Shafaq News Agency, that she “met with the Minister of Finance to follow up the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank that took place in Washington and discuss the status of the Iraqi government’s budget in 2023.”

She explained that “the US government supports ways of social spending, investment in infrastructure and long-term economic development to meet the needs of Iraqis.”

Yesterday, Sunday, the Ministry of Finance announced that its Minister, Taif Sami, and the US Ambassador to Baghdad, Elena Romanowski, confirmed support for government measures in the field of Iraqi banking reform, in addition to discussing the possibility of establishing long-term investment partnerships by creating stable investment environmental conditions in the Iraqi market.

In a related context, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, chaired a meeting of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, during which it hosted Finance Minister Taif Sami, to discuss the draft federal budget law.

During the meeting, Mandalawi stressed the importance of expediting the completion of the discussion and maturation of the project, indicating that the Iraqi people of all sects are waiting for the approval of the budget because it is directly related to their lives, and will not excuse anyone in the event of delay.

The First Deputy called for determining the appropriate procedures to overcome the current obstacles and challenges to expedite the approval of the budget, stressing the need to guarantee the financial dues of those with special grades for appointment, and to increase the share of the governorates to complete the lagging and strategic projects.

During the meeting, according to the statement, the doors for disbursing the amounts of the Emergency Support Law were clarified, and an emphasis was placed on providing the Finance Committee with detailed data about them. Employee compensation and service requirements, grants and subsidies, social care, and internal and external debts were also discussed.