Abu Ragheef is imprisoned, awaiting his boss, Al-Kazemi..The scandals of his committee stifle the noses

Abu Ragheef is imprisoned, awaiting his boss, Al-Kazemi..The scandals of his committee stifle the noses


Abu Ragheef is imprisoned awaiting his boss Al-Kazemi..The scandals of his committee stifle the nosesInformation/Baghdad..
The scandals of former Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and the head of his corrupt committee, Lieutenant General Abu Ragheef, continue until their judicial accountability is announced, at a time when the Minister of Interior took the initiative to achieve justice by imprisoning Abu Ragheef.

According to sources of Al-Maalouma, “The Minister of Interior, Abd al-Amir al-Shammari, personally ordered the arrest of the former agent of the Intelligence Agency, Ahmed Abu Ragheef.”
And she added, “The legal article through which Abu Ragheef is currently arrested is (331) of the Penal Code,” explaining that “this article stipulates (shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine, or with one of these two penalties: every employee or assigned to a public service who intentionally commits a violation of the duties of his job). Or refrain from performing one of its actions with the intention of harming the interest of one of the individuals or with the intention of benefiting a person at the expense of another or at the expense of the state).
Corruption of interests between Al-Kazemi and Abu Ragheef,
and the sources indicate that “Abu Ragheef is one of the most prominent associates of the so-called Nour Zuhair, the main suspect in the Al-Qarn case, as well as the accused, Major General Diaa Al-Musawi, who headed the largest oil smuggling network, according to a statement by the Iraqi National Security Agency.”

Physical and moral violations
Saad Al-Haras, the brother of the former senior agent of the Ministry of Electricity, who was detained by Raad Al-Haras Committee 29, accused Abu Ragheef of committing violations against detainees and bargaining on their honor in exchange for confession and financial extortion.
Al-Haras said in a previous interview, followed by Al-Maalouma, that “Raad Al-Haras, who was arrested by a force affiliated with Committee 29, used all means of physical and verbal torture against him.”
He added: “During a visit to him in the airport prison within the anti-terrorism site, we saw the guard in a deplorable condition after violent torture sessions that caused his limbs to be broken and high intoxication and pressure. He informed us that his confession regarding the charges against him was extracted under torture,” noting that “the investigation officers blackmailed the guard through Informing him that his only daughter will be brought and her honor will be violated if he does not sign the confessions.”
According to an investigation by the Washington Post, the anti-corruption committee headed by Abu Ragheef used solitary confinement, torture and sexual violence to extract confessions from senior Iraqi officials and businessmen.
In an investigation published by the American newspaper, it was shown that this campaign was based on a series of night raids that received wide media coverage in late 2020 on the homes of public figures accused of corruption, which were conducted under the authority of the Permanent Committee to Investigate Corruption Cases and Important Crimes, known as Committee 29; It was headed by Lieutenant General Ahmed Taha Hashem (Abu Ragheef), who was known in Iraq as “The Night Visitor”.
But what happened to those arrested behind closed doors was much darker, as the heinous methods of a security institution were used, and then Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi pledged to address its violations.
The newspaper drew its information from more than 20 interviews with the detainees – who spoke on condition of anonymity – showing a picture of an abusive and humiliating process to obtain their signatures on pre-written confessions instead of accountability for acts of corruption; As one of the former detainees recalled, “They tortured us with electric shocks, suffocated us with plastic bags, hung us from the ceiling by our hands, and stripped us of our clothes.”

While a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Ali Turki Al-Jamali, confirmed, in a statement to Al-Maalouma, that “many large files will be opened in the face of former Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, who came to draw the worst stage in Iraq’s ancient and modern history, which necessitates the public prosecution to open the largest file.” related to the assassination of the leaders of victory.
He added, “The Public Prosecution has many files before it, including the formation of the Abu Ragheef Committee, the theft of the century, empowerment and building a deep state from which the state is still suffering to this day.”