Pakistani general: jealous wife of Bin Laden led to his assassination

On: Saturday 03/10/2012 9:52

 Islamabad / CNN 
following a lengthy investigation presented Pakistani general an earlier hypothesis that Osama bin Laden was handed over to the Americans by one of his wives because of jealous of the younger wives. Ten months after the killing of al-Qaeda leader former still Khvaya U.S. raid in the refuge Pacific in the town of Abbottabad mysterious northern Pakistan,

Raises hypotheses and stories in this respect, including the assumption of treason. Took over retired Gen. Shaukat Kadeer investigation for eight months in this case, thanks to the good relations at the top of the pyramid of the army was able to visit the house where he lived when bin Laden before it was destroyed last February and speaking with widows of bin Laden who was Toukifan following the U.S. raid. concluded General things to visualize what happened, is that bin Laden, which has weakened its role has been marginalized at the base, was the victim of a plot of the organization itself, who used his wives to enable Americans to find the impact. Like other novels about the end of the al Qaeda leader, this novel lacks the arguments, and around her doubts about the impartiality, as the former general, healing the Pakistani army accused of turning a blind eye for years about the presence of bin Laden in Abbottabad.

whims of bin Laden 
and Gen. things that the forces of bin Laden’s mental started to weaken since 2001, which led gradually with the help of Ayman al-Zawahiri to search for left out, explaining to the Agency “AFP” that al-Zawahiri, “not from the whims of bin Laden’s fantasy,” where for example, wants to “take over a nuclear plant” in Pakistan. 
After years to escape and hide in areas of northwest Pakistan, the al-Qaeda hide its leader in Abbottabad, where built a big house settled bin Laden when in 2005 with two of his wives and several children, including son Rashid is Khaled. According to the General Kadeer was Khaled, and two of the guards Bin Laden, Pakistanis come regularly to the house with women and children, he said, adding that in the aggregate was 27 people living in the house and its supplement on the eve of the U.S. raid on the second of May / May 2011. 
wife returning from Iran 
and Bin Laden was living in the top floor with another of his wives, Yemen hopes Abdel Fattah, 29, whom he married in 1999 and livelihood, including five children, two of whom were born in Abbottabad, and according to Gen. Kadeer was everyone in this house, live in harmony, including the hopes and the other wife of Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia arrows of a mother Khaled. But things have changed on the apparently in the spring of 2011 when I got another wife of Bin Laden, who is also Saudi Arabia, called charity, and he had married her in the eighties of the last century has not seen since the end of 2001, turned to Iran and placed under house arrest until the end of 2010, then spent according to the General Kadeer several months in an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan before moving to Abbottabad in March / March 2011, less than two months of the U.S. raid. The Pakistani general that charity is betrayed bin Laden, he said, adding that the hopes also to have this conviction, and was informed that the investigators, when they reach the home set up a charity known Bgertha sick on the first floor, has raised immediate doubts, especially with Khaled. Gen. things, citing the hopes that “Khalid did not stop asking her why they come from? and what you want from Osama? and only replied by saying” I do order a last resort for my husband “The result Khaled concern to his father, his concern over the betrayal, but bin Laden and had surrendered to fate said to him,” will not happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us. ” 
track charitable 
and confirmed the hopes of the general things that bin Laden tried to convince her and arrows away, but they Vdilta to stay with him, what may indicate that the former leader, he felt that his days were numbered. and saw things that al-Qaeda, led by al-Zawahiri was moved from after the charity; to guide Americans toward the house Abbottabad to speed up the end of bin Laden, and contributed to intercept a phone call to a charity to convince Americans that bin Laden lived in the house. Washington, however, ruled out the existence of a conspiracy saying it spotted bin Laden on its own, and continued to the Pakistani military denied knowledge of the existence of bin Laden in Abbottabad, and by things, the Pakistani army discovered it but in late at the end of April / April but the U.S. raid prior to any move for him. When asked about the lack of evidence on the theory within itself the accumulated, he replied Gen. things: the evidence is incomplete, “It’s like the issue of JFK”, the assassination of former U.S. President Kennedy