9-3-2012 (Late): Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!

9-3-2012 Newshound Guru Bondlady the economy and private sector has to be able to keep the rate the cbi wants to give it to make all these things happen or it’ll defeat its purpose but they were so slow to get what shabs told them needed to happen now there rushing in like blind mice to make mountains move and this is good, but they have to enact and pass all the laws that brings all this fortune about…it’s 1 thing to pass the laws and another to inact them, but without the census and the hcl they cant do it and finishing up art 140 as that requires moving people to different places hence changing the census results, so all these things are tied together to do one, imo you must do them all to make it work and thats where there at now.

9-3-2012 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “U.S. State: a planned visit to a number of ministry officials to Baghdad and there is progress in Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII” You ever notice how it always gets back to Iraq – either being presumptuous about removing CH 7 sanctions or begging to get out of CH 7. It always gets back to this place. Why?? Simple – they want no international constraints while they do as they please. Good luck. I doubt Ban-Ki Moon lets Iraq out of CH 7 while Maliki or President Obama is in power. I just don’t see it.

9-3-2012 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 Well, it hasn’t taken long since our deligation arrives in IRAQ FOR THINGS TO CHANGE. WELL THE DELAYS ARE NOW BEING ANNOUNCED. NOW IF AND WHEN T [Talabani] COMES BACK THINGS WILL NOT BE TOTALLY SOLVED. THE USA IS THERE STANDING IN THE WAY OF THEIR FURTHER PROGRESS. WE CAN’T officiallly hold things up but they can sure stir these people up and keep them arguing. SORRY FOR THE BAD NEWS. The decention has started. The chapter 7 is set to be automatically released upon the RV.

9-3-2012 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “Allawi: We have prepared a plan to change the political map and an end to the situation “tragic” for the people” Very interesting piece!! Allawi points at a solution coming very soon…which I think is the plan, one way or the other. Either Maliki plays ball when Talibani returns from his recovery or he (Maliki) looks to be in very serious trouble.

9-3-2012 Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy Shabibi did have one report years ago when he said the goal was to eventually return their currency to previous levels. He never once mentioned the mechanisms by which they will achieve that RV, RI, RD etc. I do believe a RV is what we will see. I am continually perplexed…seeing people…reference a 100,000% increase as a “Small RV.” …1 to 1 is nothing to scoff at imo. …eventually I think Iraq will be able to…justify a high exchange rate. For Iraq to pull it off it’s my belief they will change the peg. They’ve already made adjustments and none of them came close to 1 to 1 but we hope that will change. The hope is that a big change is on the way.

Source: dinarguru