In short .. George W. Bush’s plan to overthrow the “Saddam Hussein” + scandals and Khvaya

In short .. George W. Bush’s plan to overthrow the “Saddam Hussein” + scandals and Khvaya


Palm – revealed American writer (Bob Woodward) details American plan to oust Iraqi leader “Saddam Hussein” It details are published for the first time where he wrote newspaper The Washington Post say on: sources informed American President (George W. Bush) signed a secret plan to overthrow Iraqi President ( Saddam Hussein) by any means Taatray CIA.

And ensure that the program adopted by Bush to topple the “CIA” absolute freedom in the overthrow of Saddam, including the use of force overall in order to capture or kill him.

“Use all means to overthrow”

This comes presidential order – says the Washington Post – part of a plan adopted by the U.S. administration to overthrow (Saddam) by delegating the CIA to use all possible ways, including increased support for the Iraqi opposition with money, weapons, and equipment and training and intelligence cooperation, both within Iraq and outside .

And include the second step to extend efforts to gather intelligence from within the Iraqi government and the army and internal security, and some general public anti-Iraqi president and the third step is the possibility of the U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan implementing killed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to apply the principle of self-defense.

Has allocated U.S. administration tens of millions of dollars; to implement this program, the time in which the (George Tenet) head the Central Intelligence Agency that intelligence efforts alone are not enough, and must be accompanied by military action and economic pressure and diplomatic, as the success rate of intelligence alone in that task will be between 10-20% only.

“Pave the way for a military strike”

And mobility (Washington Post) quoted an official source Pal CIA saying: It should be considered that program program “preparatory” in the sense that be a prelude to a military strike, and that the role of intelligence would be limited to setting goals and intensify intelligence work and doubling strengthen the bonds of friendship with some leaders Iraqi dissidents and who might replace Saddam in case of fall.

The writer adds U.S. newspaper The Washington Post, saying: It was Bush expresses always in his speeches about his intention to overthrow Iraqi President, and regime change there, but there were not a plan to implement that desire, and embarked U.S. Congress to manage and put a large number of options including military invasion, which may require two hundred and fifty thousand U.S. troops, which made the U.S. administration to defer the implementation of this plan to the beginning of next year.

“Diplomatic efforts associated with the plan”

Officials insist that despite the inevitability of a military confrontation with Iraq under the Bush presidency, it is incumbent upon the U.S. administration caution by expanding diplomatic and economic efforts at all levels, and a little secret.

And confirms George Tenet head CIA that Iraq is not easy to catch, task for Iraq can not be compared to Afghanistan, and confirmed that he can – easily – the temptation to lords Iraq money to change their attitudes, and to join NATO America as did the Northern Alliance opposition in Afghanistan, and that the Taliban force Iraq than eight times.

On the other hand, pointed out some intelligence reports that the sense of the anti-Iraqi leadership among the people or the army is growing steadily as the report also referred to the prominent role played by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who he described as one of the sources as a football player American fighter, able to provide information necessary to (George Tenet), which put the plan secret.

And threw the report also highlights one of the prominent personalities who played a vital role in that plan, General (Wayne Downing) deputy U.S. national security adviser for combating terrorism, where he (Downing) and his team to collect information and identify the names nominated for the presidency of Iraq in the event of the fall of Saddam.

According to a number of reports Alastakparah, Saddam used to travel at night and shuttling between his palaces and his residence and hideouts amid tight security, and the fate of invalidate the Pledge of Allegiance with him defenseless or murder.

And confirm some sources that Saddam naturally skeptical, he had after the events of atheist of September a number of changes in the apparatus of government, military, and concluded the American writer his statement Bush to a British journalists last April when he said: The worst thing that remains a nation like Iraq under the rule a man like Saddam to develop weapons of mass destruction, and collaborating with terrorist organizations world to blackmail the world, I will not allow this to happen ever “and blurted journalist and then asking: what seeks to achieve Mister Bush? .. capita Bush saying: Wait and see.
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