U.S.: secret U.S. base in Jordan to train Syrian dissidents

U.S.: secret U.S. base in Jordan to train Syrian dissidents

Monday 3 September 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
Served to “Huffington” U.S. Post revealed the hidden role played by Jordan in the Syrian crisis, after it agreed to the establishment of secret U.S. intelligence base on its territory in order to train the rebels and jihadists to fight the Syrian regime.

The site that al-Qaeda was held in a remote desert area near the Jordanian-Syrian borders and they are tightly controlled by U.S. forces, have been established as a compilation of the Syrians and the jihadists, police and army defectors who have fled to Jordan, in order to training and rehabilitation to return to Syria and fighting Bashar al-Assad.

And includes rule now about 1200 people supervised by elements of the U.S. intelligence, and no one can contact them or access to the base at all except with permission from the American intelligence and that for security reasons, were isolated elements that are being trained for their families and relatives who fled to Jordan, who held them camps near the city of “junction”.

According to the sources, there are connections between those elements and between the members of the Free Army inside Syria to coordinate operations on both sides of the border, and are used in communications secure telephone lines as well as through the Internet and through people crossing the border from secret locations.

The announcement of the secret base as a confirmation irrefutable size role of Jordan in cooperation with the West in order to topple the Assad regime, and clamping down upon in secret, because Oman is not seeking to engage in an armed confrontation with Syria for fear of success Assad in control of the situation and stay in power.

Jordan received since the beginning of the Syrian events last year about 160 thousand Syrian refugees, and flows on the territory of thousands per day, which will make it demanded the United States and the international community by helping to meet the requirements of the refugees and provide for their basic needs.
Source: alrayy