British newspaper: the U.S. military modern haven racists and neo-Nazis and gang members

British newspaper: the U.S. military modern haven racists and neo-Nazis and gang members

Monday 3 September 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
British freelance journalist wrote “Matt Kinard” (Matt Kennard) a lengthy article today in the newspaper “The Guardian” (which has been printed in a book issued by the Library of “The Guardian”) for the composition of the U.S. military to talk, where it says: Gone are the days when every army American champion, which has become the haven for racists and Nazis and gang members and returned fit for service. ”

And tells the story of his journey to the dark underworld of the U.S. military, which began on a rainy morning of March 2008, a visit to the city of Tampa, Florida. He says in this regard: “I’m here to meet the national call U.S.” Forrest Fogarty “served in the U.S. Army for two years in Iraq. Fogarty Nazi white supremacists Hitler-worshipers.”

He continues: (.. In our telephone conversation short, I asked him how Sataraf him, he replied: “You only have to look skinheads with tattoos.” When I met him بادرني saying: “You are British, is not it .. Oh the disgust I remember seeing black men dialects British in Iraq, it was something crazy “).

The British author states that the Nazi “Fogarty” was the first radical enters the armed forces, as was the neo-Nazi movement relationship long tense with the U.S. Army.

Since its inception, as stated by the writer, encouraged the leaders of white racist movement members to engage, where they see it as an opportunity for their followers to receive training for combat arms and courtesy of the Government of the United States, and then apply what they have learned to fight the local ethnic war. Not all share the extreme right-wing groups in this vision, some of them, such as “Ku Klux Klan”, to prefer the democratic approach, but a large part chose the insurrection. To this end, the combat training on the war is a must.

The U.S. military was aware of (and long) attempts of these groups to infiltrate, but until 1996 banned neo-Nazi involvement in the military, but after the killing of Americans of African descent in the year 1995 by paratroopers Nazis in “Fort Bragg” in North Carolina , have been barred. Were recruited “Fogarty” in the army after this a year Almguetlh.

And he realized that the tattoo on his arm could raise a problem when it comes to recruiting. In the secret world of neo-Nazi secret, still racist tattoos and one of the clearest indicators of extremism to a recruiter, and in an attempt to control this issue, the U.S. military requires recruits to explain any tattoos. “They asked me to write to clarify all tattoos, and wrote some of the words, and that’s all there is to it,” as reported by the Nazi soldier “Fogarty.”

Shortly after approved to accept recruitment “Fogarty”, contacted his former girlfriend, mother of his child his greatest army. According to Fogarty, sent a dossier of photos of his military leadership appears with a neo-Nazi group. “And they called me to appear before the committee, and they showed me pictures did Azad on denial and just, and I returned to service.”

Under “Fogarty” in reserve until 2004, he was sent to where he always wanted to go: Iraq. Before heading there, he joined the (nation Hammerskin) described by the Anti-Defamation League as “the most violent group and best organized in the neo-Nazi skinheads in the United States.”

“Fogarty” confirms that a large part of those around him were aware that he belongs to a neo-Nazi. And said: “All members of my unit knew” .. Was confident of absolute military mandate, so that clearance in 2004, said then travels to see his family in the United States, but went to the “Dresden”, Germany, to activate the ceremony with the participation of 2,500 skinheads and at the expense of the military budget.
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