Economist: measures to reduce the high dollar is viable it needs time

Economist: measures to reduce the high dollar is viable it needs time [Audio]

Monday, 20 August / August 2012 14:54

[Baghdad – where]

He economist Bassem Jamil Antoine measures taken by the government as limiting the rise in the dollar is it needs a long time.

He told all of Iraq [where] the day that “these measures are related to economic conditions the country’s public and control procedures as the central bank can not afford to control and decide because there are many, including economic and honest and should create some sort of cooperation with them in order to reduce the high dollar “.

He Antoine that “Iraq is in the long run can prevent high Ataran by subtracting the amounts of dollar equals slate spent and this is what we see through the lack of a significant difference between the official price of the dollar and the market price at the moment” .

He noted that it was “natural high exchange rate in the holidays and events such as the holy month of Ramadan, as there is a huge demand for shopping, which makes it difficult to control the exchange rates in addition to the situation in the region, especially with regard to the crisis and the Syrian economic blockade imposed on Iran.”

And Antoine that “the House of Representatives does not follow professional in the selection of members of the central bank and there is a politically motivated control it,” pointing to the existence of “a wave of criticism of the central bank and a number of officials which in addition to the accusations without evidence official is that these accusations quickly Maglt. ”

He stressed the need to “be criticism building and aims to reform and not for destruction,” and wondered “Is there suggestions and measures official economic professional, not political, for the treatment of the problem or just a political process dropping against people technocrats have enough experience.”

And Antoine went on that “the Finance Committee that you submit the evidence and the names and show people accused of these acts and are they strongman government or Mtshehadon or is the process of accusation false.”

He stated that “bodies Alsmottaglh including the central bank has become a target and I think that Iraq and its economy will lose in the event of a change is deliberate and non-professional, because one of the reasons set back Iraq’s economy is the reluctance of professionals and isolate them from contributing to the development Alaqtansad Iraqi and conducted at random.”

This has escalated in recent days the accusations against the central bank’s involvement officials where currencies money laundering and financing of terrorism, where he accused MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki of whom he called by figures partisan influential] is working to provide a cover for money laundering and smuggled out of Iraq.

For his part, attributed the member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Salman al-Moussawi inability House of Representatives to monitor the performance of the central bank because of the lack of the Council to the experts in financial management and banking, “noting that” Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi rejected earlier that the central bank is subject to the supervision of the executive branch as an independent body and that the Constitution made the central bank controls linked to the Council of Representatives. ”

He was a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy Haitham al-Jubouri had demanded earlier in the House of Representatives to intervene presidency to stop what he called “bleeding the hard currency and money laundering in the Central Bank of Iraq.”

The CBI expressed surprise at the accusations against him about the involvement of officials in which economic crimes and supporting terrorism.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh [where] that “the charges in some quarters about the involvement of officials of financing terrorism or helping to money laundering or economic crimes are charged and that you personally did not Aacherha but remain charges and suspicions are under investigation but that they actually exist, why silence and inaction at them, whether by the state agencies concerned or has information and wonder what there impede law enforcement or to fight against so hopefully answer this question?! ” Finished 2
Source: alliraqnews