Draft bill over deleting zero’s stuck in the house awaiting approval; Will pass after political whirlwind ends

The Central Bank announced that the draft will delete zeros inside the House and the Prime Minister after what he called a “whirlwind.”

He appearance of Bank Deputy Governor Mohammad Saleh told correspondent/JD/draft delete zeros will pass within the Chamber of Deputies and Ministers shortly after the end of the “whirlwind”, noting that all agreed on the importance of clusters and its usefulness for the Iraqi economy.

Saleh said “national projects as delete zeros interest many officials and advisers will not be deprecated, noting that the next phase will be adopted permanently.

Saleh said that “what prevents adoption project is having fears among some politicians from the timing of the project think that the project affects the General State of the economy negatively, this is incorrect, however, the Bank believes that it is necessary to respect the political wills and waiting a period of relative calm in which the project was more appropriate.

The Central Bank estimated the cost of speculative delete zeros from the currency up to 172 billion dinars. According to a study prepared by the special project delete zeros received/JD/copy: total cost of the project to delete zeros speculative around a hundred and seventy-two billion dinars “.

The Bank said that freight and insurance of course role to Baghdad international airport by border (140), calculated on the basis of the ratio between the highest and lowest price (90-189) billion dinars of the offers made by companies. “Speculative cost to mint coins of the new currency of mineral (16) billion dinars”. The Bank said that “the wages of cargo, Fridays and holidays, overtime …Etc (15) billion dinars “.

He said the cost of the campaign and miscellaneous costs around 1 billion dinars. He recalled the Bank cost replacement operation for the period from 15/10/2003 until 15/4/2004, where wages and move towards currency printed (240) dinars minted coins, remuneration within the mineral (16) billion dinars, a ring total costs for banks (13) billion dinars.