Committee advised all foreign money must be converted by the CBI exclusively to curb money laundering

Baghdad (news) .. Advised decision of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Ahmed electrodes, Iraqi traders not to transfer their money from foreign banks, but be via the central bank to control the operations of illegal Ktherib currency and money laundering.

Said electrodes (of the Agency news) today: The foreign banks that used Iraqi trader in dealing with them in the transfer of funds when importing its goods led to carry out illegal Ketbiad money and currency smuggling to countries surrounding Iraq and suffering from political and economic crisis such as Syria and Iran to the difficulty of controlling the work of those banks.

He added: You must be a foreign exchange of funds by the central bank and the banks under the control and monitoring of the central bank can not be dealt with foreign banks because they help to carry out an illegal cause damage to the national economy Kgusal money and smuggling of hard currency.

He stressed: that the Iraqi trader if he wants to work illegally Vtkon process is easy because of the exceptional circumstances that pass them by Syria and Iran because they are trying to get hard currency from Iraq to save the economy, stressing that aware of the Iraqi trader well to counteract attempts to these countries to drain the hard currency of the country .