Reuters: Iraq helps Iran to evade sanctions

Translation / Baghdadiya News / .. Reuters reported, quoting the New York Times in its report that Iraq helps Iran to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed on it by its nuclear program, through the use of a network of financial institutions and oil smuggling operations to ensure that Tehran’s flow of hard currency, benefiting some Iraqi officials.

In some cases, some of the turns a blind eye to Iraqi officials trade with Iran while others benefit from these activities.

The newspaper pointed out that “President Barack Obama had pointed to this problem when they were preventing a small bank called Elaf Bank Islamic from any dealings with the U.S. banking system at the same time in which the President that the bank does conduct transactions worth millions of dollars with Iranian banks that are subject to sanctions “.

Experts said bankers Iraqis that “the bank is still involved in the daily auction of Central Bank of Iraq, which could be of commercial banks to sell Iraqi currency and buy the dollar., And U.S. officials said the Obama administration did not intervene to confront openly with the Iraqi government, but they held secret talks with Iraqi officials complained to them Several cases of financial and logistical links Iraqi and Iranian. “

A member of parliament Ali Alsjeri “We want to question the central bank and the banks that are involved in this process,” and expressed concern that the huge dollar remittances threaten the Iraqi economy through the depletion of its reserves of hard currency.