Economic Committee member: project to replace the currency and delete the zeros does not contribute to the national economy

Said committee member economic MP Salman al-Musawi for the rule of law, that the project to replace the currency after deletion of zeros which does not help to support the national economy, but the success of the project depends on the strength of the economy and the stability of the domestic market.

Moussawi said that ‘you should think about how to liberate the national economy of unilateral rent based on oil revenues to a robust economy based on different economic sectors before coming towards the implementation of an important project affect the country’s economy both in terms of the positive or negative.

added member of the state law in a statement to the Agency (solution News) that ‘the implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes by the Bank Central without a feasibility study will put the national economy in a dark tunnel and an uncertain future no one knows its consequences, stressing that the project does not help to support the economy and promote, but support comes through activating the private sector and the various economic sectors, and then be thinking replacing currency.

called Musawi ‘carefully before applying the deletion of zeros to the project does not harm the national economy and the local currency.