Director of the Association of private banks: CBI supervision system divided the national banking sector will develop

Baghdad (News) …Director of the Association of private banks praised the wholesome Elias Abbou, the Central Bank took over responsibility for overseeing national allowance system PBX, foreign companies will bring great prosperity in the work of the banks.

He said despair Abbou (News Agency news) on Wednesday: Central Bank supervision work system PBX national will in the next few days will bring great prosperity of banks in Iraq better than foreign companies offering service of a small scale.

He added: that all banks would include segmented national governmental and private and under the supervision of the Central Bank, which will work on the reconciliation of bank accounts through computational system connected to all banks under the supervision of the Central Bank.

And: the national system of apportionment would be a central point where all draining bank accounts throughout the year and will settle the bank accounts of the creditor banks and condemned to not affect banks ‘ financial loss.

He noted: the use of PBX national banking sector will depend on foreign firms will reduce Melasma and risk of dealing with foreign companies.

He continued that the banking sector will enter the advanced technology through the use of the card visa which will allow the bearer to obtain money on everywhere.