CBI accused without evidence; False accusations could have negative effect on economy

Member of the Committee confirmed that the economy and invest in the House of Representatives Nora Salem, Wednesday, accusing the central bank said foreign currency smuggling, embezzlement, procrastination and some suspicions without evidence would affect the economy of the country in general.

The Salem told / Baghdadiya News / “The statements directed by some lawmakers accused the central bank must be coupled with the evidence and proof, otherwise it will reflect negatively on the performance of the Bank and the impact on the economic process in Iraq,” adding that “its Committee met with bankers at a time earlier to discuss some of the mysteries was agreed to provide the Committee with monthly reports on the Bank’s work with banks to unravel the mystery about the overall work of the bank. “

She Salem, “The members of the committee called for during their last meeting at the invitation based on the central bank to hold a new meeting and clarify some of the indicators developed by the Economic Commission for their work during the sessions the last” alarm that “the coming period will witness revealed the files to the media, if proved”.