MP: Rule of law is trying to subject the CBI to the government

MP accused the parliamentary bloc of the citizen, Aziz Ugaili, the government of trying to control the independent bodies, namely the CBI.

He Ugaili told the “long-Presse,” “The latest attack mounted by some of the deputies of state law is a clear process for” knees, “the central bank and subjected to the government through false accusations of the existence of a major money laundering takes place in an auction the bank.”

The MP said, “What made him a member of a coalition of state law Haitham Jubouri is untrue, just where there is no fraud and money laundering at all, but those charges carrying capacity, the political, that are meant to target the person of the Bank Shabibi a person efficient, professional and independent.”

“The Integrity Commission Parliamentary relay on a daily basis and careful work of the Central Bank’s auction was not found to have no suspicion of the existence of money laundering.”

He was a member of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Haitham al-Jubouri, denied in remarks to the press that his comments “may include an indictment of the Central Bank of Iraq smuggling money out of the country,” adding that “we have information and evidence to confirm the presence of authority figures in the Central Bank take advantage of an auction sale dollar on a daily basis, by dealing with some banks and companies selected and not others. “

“The bank is selling in the auction about 280 million dollars a day to 14 companies include some well-known banks.”