Member of the Finance Committee: the Central Bank about big money overseas…

Member of the Finance Committee: the Central Bank about big money overseas unaccounted for and I answer incomplete causes problems

Baghdad (News) … Student member of the Finance Committee/National Alliance MP Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri,/Central Bank to answer all questions directed to him regarding the smuggling of funds and the process of removing zeros, not give answers “incomplete” to Select Committee members sent to the Central Bank to investigate the violations that have occurred recently. He said Al-yasiri (News Agency news) on Monday that the Central Bank gave incomplete answers to members of the Select Committee that sent to investigate violations and problems, the Central Bank, the Bank give complete answers about sale of foreign currency and convert them to the outside and the aim of increase in stocks of foreign banks (97) billion dollars.

He added that the Finance Committee formed a small Committee composed of three members to see the problems of the Central Bank and the reasons for violations occurring at the Bank and see companies that handled the Bank to print new currency to remove leading zeros from the currency and you will serve Iraq or not, but the Central Bank did not give complete answers to all the Committee’s questions.

Al-yassiri stressed: the Central Bank to transfer funds to the outside and unaccounted for, whether for commercial purposes or for other personal purposes as money laundering.

Said: you should provide all information and documents to the members of the Committee to determine the fate of the money transferred abroad, the Central Bank cooperation with full transparency to explain the reasons for violations and the fate of the public money.