Expert: continuing the work of speculators unchecked Government would be detrimental to the national economy

Baghdad (News) … Noted economist Majid mock, that speculators continued to operate in the banking sector without any deterrent, Government would be detrimental to the national economy and the value of the dinar against the dollar. He mock (News Agency news) on Sunday: that the fluctuating dinar against the dollar and falling recently got as a result of speculators who monopolize the dollar, leading to increased demand and raising its price before forcing the dinar.
He added that speculators often monopolize the currency and paying it when demand increases and more priced hoist, calling on the Treasury to impose heavy censorship on exchange offices and banks sell hard currency and take resolute action to deter speculators and currency traders work to manipulate prices.
He noted: the presence of influential contacts in the market taking advantage of the high value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to raise prices of goods and services for citizens.
He continued: all parties must cooperate, including the Central Bank and the Ministry of finance and the Ministry of Commerce and civil society organizations competent for consumer protection and fight against speculators, we must have our Iraqi Parliament in encouraging civil society organizations to combat traders “spammers”./finished/21. Dr. o