Experts denounce parliamentary accusations of the CBI about the smuggling of currency

denounced the financial experts and bankers the charges by some members of the House of Representatives to the Central Bank currency smuggling, revealing it without proof of legal status. He accused a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Jubouri Haitham influential political figures in the Central Bank to “smuggle ten million dollars a day.”

He said economic expert Majid picture the statements made by some officials at the central bank reap the bank, indicating that the methods of subject smuggling without proof of legal order is incorrect.

said Suri’s (long): The smuggling of currency unforeseen No central bank can only control it must be a joint cooperation with government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, Interior, and others, calling for the need to highlight the legal evidence that diagnosed offenders, pointing out that the bank is the institution of economic sensitive which represents the sovereignty of Iraq.

For his part, Vice Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh ( range): Some members of the House of Representatives told us the existence of evidence confirm the involvement of some officials of the Central Bank of the process of leaking the currency, as well as the financing of terrorism, pointing out that they did not Atalona the files to prove it.

suggested for the formation of the Committee taken it upon themselves to finance trade in the private sector through the federal budget by government banks, noting that the bank was able to trade finance for the private sector through the auction, conducted by the day.

Furthermore, according to financial expert and banking Farouk Ramadan (range) that the central bank seeks to maintain the stability of the currency during the proceedings of solid by a .

said Ramadan: The absence of leaves, the importation of goods led to a huge demand for hard currency to do to cover cost of import, pointing out that disabling the industrial sector and agriculture contributed to the other exit of funds from the inside.

Meanwhile, the Member of the economy and invest in the House of Representatives that the rate of smuggling hard currency abroad began less thanks to the actions taken by the Central Bank, based in the difficulty to control the phenomenon of money laundering in the country because they take place in different ways.

said Fayez said in press statements that the Economic Commission representative met with the Central Bank and reviewed the figures for the proportion of an operation to smuggle foreign currency abroad It was observed that they exist but are small and are considered the proportion of naturally occur in all countries of the world and do not affect the national economy.

He continued to indicate that the ratio began less than in the previous period, thanks to the actions and plans taken by the central bank to reduce these operations, the talk for smuggling currency by some exaggerated a lot.

He added that the phenomenon of money laundering can not be easily controlled because it processes take place in several ways and by experienced outlaws aiming to destroy the national economy and local currency exploit some of the political aspects are often directed by the States neighbors.

and called for the rapid approval of the law against money laundering to reduce these operations in the country because no country can afford to spend on the phenomenon of money laundering as a whole. accused member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Haitham Jubouri political figures influential in the central bank to “smuggle ten million dollars a day to finance terrorism, “warning of the collapse of the country’s economy if the bank continued to sell $ 55 million annually, while the likely dismissal of central bank governor Sinan Shabibi if proven guilty.

said Haitham al-Jubouri in a press statement that “there is information about the breaches in the Iraqi Central Bank for through the control of certain companies to auction the central bank and the absence of regulations and instructions to sell the currency, “asserting that” there are six companies and six figures including political figures influential in the central bank escape from five to ten million dollars a day. “

The Jubouri that “a large portion of these funds used to finance terrorism, “and urged” the formation of an investigative committee in the House of Representatives consists of committees of financial, economic, and integrity to ensure that capital funds of depositors and investment companies and activation of the Money Laundering Act No. 92. “

The Jubouri that “about 220 billion smuggled out of Iraq since 2003″ , calling for a “sure of import licenses and the health issue and activate the role of BSA in the case of buy the currency and entering in the auction.” He Jubouri that “the central bank sells $ 55 million annually,” warned of “the collapse of the economy in the country during the year or two years, if the situation continues like this. ” He guessed Jubouri that “may be questioned or to relieve the Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi in the event proved his involvement in the subject and its association with these mafias.”

The central bank held daily sessions for buying and selling foreign currencies with Iraqi banks, except for days public holidays on which depends the World Bank for these auctions, and are sales either in cash, or in the form of money orders sold out for a commission of certain. has previously accused the committee of economy and investment parliamentary tongue deputy Aziz Sharif Mayahi, on 14 May 2012, the House of Representatives neglecting the role oversight at the “failures” the central bank, while regarded it as destructive to the economy of the country, he stressed that it made the government an embarrassing dealing with foreign companies, especially that the budget approved in dinars.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has seven banks owned by the state and 23 private banks, eight Islamic banks in particular, according to site’s central bank, while the banking sector is dominated by banks, Rafidain and Rasheed Aovernmaan, and now subject to restructuring in order to pay off the debts that have accumulated after years of war and sanctions.