Border controls to prevent smuggling of foreign currency for Iran and Syria

Baghdad (News) … Financial Committee decision warned MP/Iraqi/coalition, continued tracks Ahmed smuggling hard currency out of the country as it will impact directly on the national economy and local currency, calling the Iraqi borders to prevent smuggling of currency for Iran and Syria as they are undergoing an economic crisis made them desperate for hard currency.

He said tracks (News Agency news) on Sunday: the sale of hard currency in the country conducted in ways that are irregular and not under the control of stakeholders both Government or Parliament.

He added: the process of selling dollars in an auction, the Central Bank must be high transparency without manipulation and bias in favour of one at the expense of the other.

He noted that some banks help smuggling currency abroad and illegal because there is no real control over the sale process in Iraqi banks, calling on the Central Bank to impose full control over banks to prevent the smuggling of foreign currency and avoid harming the national economy and the local currency.

Said: you must adjust the Iraqi border by security authorities, particularly with the States of Iran and Syria to reduce illegal operations that cause economic problems for the country, pointing out that Iran and Syria are witnessing major political crisis made them desperate for dollars to cover local currencies.