Money laundering; Between the health of what is….

Money laundering; Between the health of what is being said, And the precautionary measures required

has escalated the debate on the smuggling of currency, which dropped Bdilalha the price of dollar selling in local markets and led to the increase rate of exchange, between who sees the need to take the initiative on the government to stop selling the currency in auctions the central bank, and those who asserts that Iraq is losing money large due to smuggled daily out of the border,

agreed most of the consensus that the phenomenon of money laundering is now controlled the entire business currency auction day, despite the acclaim of many specialists in economic affairs on the positives of the auction to reduce the rates of inflation and to control the value of Iraqi dinar, but the Attorney-Haytham Jubouri believes that the auction the first leg to smuggle about $ 5-10 million of the country on a daily basis, a figure said his economic expert, Abdul Sattar Prince as a (serious), calling for the government in all joints of administrative, legal and parliamentary elections to stand fast in the circumstances of the matter and take measures capable of stop the drain of the money in the event that the information is correct.

Amid the rumors about the laundering operations of foreign currency sold at auction the central bank, the USD saw a remarkable increase during the daily two years, and observers believe the possibility of continuing high rates of the dollar in the coming days, Aazin that to fear owners Chierfat companies and financial transfer from the possibility to stop auctions currency during the next phase after the aggravation of the issue of smuggling money.

The MP Haitham Jubouri revealed the formation of an investigative committee will visit the central bank and look at the records and on the numbers, sales and people who get hard currency, noting that “the work of Commission investigative different from the work of the Oversight Committee, which approved the Council’s composition, which includes the heads of the two financial, economic and Office of Financial Supervision. “ said Jubouri “We want through the Commission investigative see the details of the sale and purchase of foreign currency and reveal some of the characters that deal with the bank and the fact Mithar to disable some laws, “noting that there are complaints about the presence of five or six figures are said to dominate the auction at the Central Bank since its inception.

Despite the claim by Jubouri on the formation of an investigative committee representative will work to uncover the truth of smuggling currency or not, the Member of the economy and investment, Salman al-Musawi He said the House of Representatives does not have the ability to monitor the performance of the Central Bank because of his lack of experts in financial management and banking.

stressing the lack of an appropriate mechanism with the Council to monitor the performance of the bank, which led to the occurrence of errors appear from time to time, indicating that the control of the bank’s need to experts in financial management, banking and specialized accounting, which is not owned by the parliament. “ stressed Moussawi, the need to be a control on the central bank shared between the legislative and executive branches of the importance of this joint, which is the pillar of the foundation in the development of the monetary policy of the country and if it occurred in any line, it will be reflected negatively on the Iraqi street, stressing that the executive branch have people specialized in this area as well as appropriate mechanisms for follow-up. “

He continued “We asked for more than once that the Bank deals directly with Aalmistord Iraq by import license through the opening of a credit to him, and be accountable for the goods that enter the country, but the bank deal with a limited number of banks, we do not know the mechanism of this deal yet.

In order to reduce the phenomenon of money laundering and the consequent economic losses announced by the Finance Committee representative Magda al-Tamimi, “that its Committee will host a number of Ministers to reduce the phenomenon of money laundering. “

she said in a press statement, “The Finance Committee plans to host all of the Ministers of Finance, Planning and Trade and Health and the Governor of the Central Bank to control the entry of goods random for Iraq,” added Al-Tamimi, “that its hosted General Manager of the Anti-Money Laundering in the Central Bank and the Director of currency auction firm in Ani. Confirmed that “the Finance Committee discussed several topics and discussed the measures taken to curb money laundering.

She noted, “that the share of banks daily currency auction and the mechanism used in determining these shares are very weak.”

She said Tamimi’s request to host the Minister concerned is to discuss the coordination mechanism to control on the entry of goods to Iraq, it is found that there are flaws too large in import random a significant impact on the Iraqi state.

The MP Ali Alsjeri announced earlier for smuggling nearly $ 4 billion a month in Iraq, calling the statement made by the Agency (Nina) news the central bank to stop the operations of foreign exchange for the currency, which he said is (false documents) and replace it with appropriations bank.

explaining that the money that turns the central bank of close to $ 4 billion a month out 90 percent of them smuggling leads to the destruction of the Iraqi economy. “

However, the words Alsjeri collided with the assurances of the central bank, who categorically denied that she went to him some of the opinions which confirm the existence of so the size of the smuggling of currency, stressing on the lips of his deputy, Dr. the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that foreign remittances are the size of transactions undertaken by the private sector, as well as Other transfers to Iraqis living abroad. Saleh said that the foreign remittances of money does not necessarily mean the process of money laundering because of thousands of Iraqis are in different countries of the world and need the money, which turns them to their families, as well as the transfers are made to meet with trade huge for Iraq with other countries and that carried out by the private sector.

He noted that the lack of clarity of parameters of economic policy and the overlapping between liberalism and the central and the disappearance or lack of domestic production all make the Iraqi capital left to the outside instead of staying within the country, which means the benefit so that the heads of large amount of money is the other left Iraq as a result of the policies economic cross in the country.