CBI denies charges by Jubouri; Says money used for terrorism

Central Bank denies accusations of his knowledge Jubouri He denied that the Central Bank of Iraq to be aware of any member of his face including the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Haitham Jibouri of the bank charges the existence of influential political figures underline the auction the central bank is working on a lot of money to smuggle out of the country.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed to the Agency (UR) “I do not know these charges we do not have an answer to her,” adding that “the auction sale process is monitored by the Office of Financial Supervision.”

He was a member of the Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri revealed during the press conference today in Baghdad that there is information about the breaches in the Iraqi Central Bank by the control of certain companies to auction the central bank and the absence of controls and regulations in the sale of the currency, and also stressed that there are six companies and six figures including influential political figures in the Central Bank of escape from five to ten million dollars a day.

Jubouri and demanded the formation of an investigative committee on the subject that “a large part of the money used to fund terrorism.”

Following revelations Jibouri of information decided to House Speaker Osama al formation of an investigative committee to know the circumstances of the subject, according to Najafi told a news conference held at Parliament House this afternoon.