Electronic money .. An effective means for the development of the banking sector ..

Electronic money .. An effective means for the development of the banking sector .. And enhance the confidence of investors

08/08/2012 0:00

After widespread use of smart cards in Iraq
BAGHDAD – Haider Filaih spring
is the use of electronic money and one of the manifestations of technological progress and of civilization in various parts of the earth, so as it contains practical means of protection and advanced scientific can protect their users from various aspects of fraud and extortion, and helps significantly the reduction or elimination of corruption, is aware of all that the most prominent tools that can help the spread of bribery and financial corruption is the size of direct contact between citizens and state employees, especially the service departments where size wider than the reviews daily.
and reliable economists frequently on the importance of the shift in the use of paper money and the payment of direct financial transactions in the daily use of credit cards, or so-called newly-B (electronic money), and finds specialists that use this type of technology sponsor also guarding against the risks of carrying large sums of money, and turn them into cards can be used in many areas daily, as well as being a safe way to use the cash without full use of fraud, but the economic researcher raised Hassan believes that the automation of banks and the shift to the use of electronic money will guarantee to add more convictions of many businessmen and foreign investors who said the most prominent they are looking for in the home of their investments is a climate bank safe and sophisticated.
and see good need that Iraq is seeking to develop the banking system in which the form believe in the use of the best means of advanced technology, calling to benefit from some experiments which confirmed its success despite the short life as an experiment the card (so) smart which are used at present for the distribution of the salaries of retirees and covered by a network of social protection, said the researcher that the success of the experience of the smart card is the result of the use of sophisticated scientific too, as well as that the most prominent reasons for the success of return to the inventory of extortion, which was retired they are exposed during the distribution of cash by hand, and reducing the the problem of similarity of names, and the reduction of recurrence of the beneficiaries of the cash distributed between Almottagain and covered by social protection that have been discovered thanks to a practical and Tknlogi developed based on the fingerprinting of hands, a system of non-penetrating Awaltlaab.
did away economic researcher Ali Hilfi a lot about the previous opinion when he noted The use of smart cards in the banks allowed to employees in this vital sector is important that the exercise works the other no less important than granting retirees paid after that was assigned the task of distributing those salaries iPods distribution mechanism and without significant intervention by those working in banks.
called Hilfi the Iraqi government to expand the use of smart card to include all government institutions, indicating that the distribution of salaries Government job by the smart card is made administratively whatever can contribute to the achievement gains management is to eliminate red tape and reduce the momentum for office computing in government departments times the distribution of salaries as well as to make way for workers in the these offices to spend other works after giving up distribution operations manual.
and proceeded to Iraq for more than three years using the smart card for the first time in the distribution of pensions, and after the success of it circulated the experiment to include the social protection network, has expanded the distribution to be outside the frameworks of government banks in order to reduce of the volume of reviews daily and is discharged employees in these banks for the management of other works at least as important as the distribution of salaries of retirees and covered by a network of protection, which was assigned the task of granting the salaries of holders of smart cards with a large number of Chierfat own recognized by the Central Bank, as well as for a group of private banks. The move, according to director of public relations in the company’s global smart card Alaa Abdul-Hussein of extreme importance in the expansion of the scope of work, and in the delivery of the card services to cardholders in their home areas, pointing out that the company plans to deal with a number of other private banks and the granting of ATMs to another group of Chierfat in order to meet the requirements of retirees and covered by a network of social protection. said Abdul Hussein: that many Iraqi banks started trying to develop its system of Finance through the upgrading of the policy of electronic payment of funds, adding that the company contracted virtually since the beginning of the year 2012, with a large number of private banks special that will work in accordance with that contract payment of dues to beneficiaries of the Rafidain and Rasheed of card holders (so) Smart, pointing out that among those private banks that had been contracted with the Bank of the economy and its branches, Mosul Bank and its branches, Bank of Sumer and its branches, Bank of Elaph and its branches, the Bank the country’s Islamic and its branches, Bank of cooperation and its branches, the North Bank and its branches.
and Abdul-Hussein effort the company to expand its cooperation with the private banks in order to disseminate the experience on the widest possible covered and in order to cover the most comprehensive of the various provinces of the country, pointing near the contract with another group of private banks, which seeks to introduce a system of electronic payment have.
Source: alsabaah