Central bank to close all Iranian banks that opened branches in Iraq

Banker: Iranian banks play the role of “spoiler” of the national economy and the challenge of the banking activity in the country

Date: Tuesday 07/08/2012 10:07:38

Baghdad (news) .. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Bank economy Hossam Obaid Ali, the central bank to close all Iranian banks that opened branches in Iraq, it works to their advantage and personal challenge of the banking activity of Iraq, noting that they play a meaningful role “to sabotage the national economy” and to break the siege of international economic embargo on Iran.
Ali (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The experience allowed to open branches of international banks in Iraq reported primarily basis Iranian banks through its entry strongly to the Iraqi environment and opened branches in Baghdad and other provinces, and began working to help the Iranian economy at the expense of the economy Iraqi National. and pointed out: that the goal of it came to Iraq for the purpose of breaking the sanctions imposed on Iran and do not have any role in the development and economy of the country or the financing of investment projects, but they play a big role to sabotage the national economy by carrying out illegal harm the economy of the country and with the blessing and help some Iraqi banks sink “Elaph” Islamic. He added that the Central Bank distinguishes often between Iraqi private banks and offshore banks that open branches in Iraq in terms of controls and procedures, indicating that gives facilities to the banks of State at the expense of private banks private. / Finished / 8 . n. r /
Source: ikhnews