A “serious scourge”.. A legal expert explains to “the information” how to end corruption and ways to address it

A “serious scourge”.. A legal expert explains to “the information” how to end corruption and ways to address it


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Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi explained how to end the rampant financial and administrative corruption in Iraq, ways to address it through Iraqi law, and some proposals that would eliminate this dangerous scourge.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Maalouma, “The dissolution of the offices of the inspectors general by Law 24 of 2019 has become necessary to find a monitoring body close to the ministries, after the Federal Supreme Court, by its decision 112 of 2021, canceled the paragraphs related to public prosecution offices that were stipulated in Law 49 of 2017 in Article 5 of it, paragraphs 12, 13 and 14 regarding the establishment of public prosecution offices in ministries.

He added, “The draft federal service law needs to stipulate the creation of a special department to investigate financial and administrative corruption crimes, and it may be linked to the Integrity Commission.

Al-Tamimi pointed out the importance of “distributing investigators who are law graduates in the above-mentioned departments after taking quick courses at the Judicial Institute, and quickly resolving outstanding files in the ministries and reviewing them quickly and urgently, especially since these crimes do not fall under the statute of limitations.”

He stressed the need to “consider financial and administrative corruption crimes as terrorist crimes by a decision of the Judicial Council, as happened in the tribal bench, and to end the presence of transaction handlers in ministries because they are a dangerous part of the system of financial and administrative corruption, and work to rehabilitate employees with introductory courses on the punishment of bribery and embezzlement, as well as the employee discipline law State No. 14 of 1991 with the aim of eliminating corruption.