Al-Sudani pledges to enter into the prohibited and activate an agreement that intimidates the corrupt

Al-Sudani pledges to enter into the prohibited and activate an agreement that intimidates the corrupt


Al-Sudani pledges to enter into the prohibited and activate an agreement that intimidates the corruptInformation / Baghdad..
It seems that the Sudanese Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a, is preparing to announce the largest confrontation with influential forces involved in smuggling money and drugs and making deals that it is forbidden to talk about. According to those close to him, he intends to activate the agreement to recover the money smuggled abroad with most of the neighboring countries in the coming days.

Political analyst Ali al-Bayati, who participated in al-Suadni’s meeting with media elites, said in a statement to Al-Maalouma that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani told us that he is a representative of the Iraqi people and does not only represent those who elected him or those who participated in the parliamentary elections.”

He added, “Al-Sudani informed us of his intention to open the prohibited major corruption deals during the coming days, and to activate the agreements related to the recovery of stolen money, especially the money of the theft of the century, which amounts to two and a half billion dollars, which is a trend that disturbs many.”

Al-Bayati said, “The Prime Minister informed the meeting of his intention to make a revolution in the fields of health, reconstruction and education, and he will work on doubling the government’s engineering effort,” noting that “Al-Sudani raised the issue of drug smuggling and stressed not to underestimate it, as it is no less than a step from terrorism and the arms trade in Iraq.”

In addition, the deputy head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Alia Nassif, told Al-Maalouma, that “the investigations regarding the deal of the century are going well, and there is daily follow-up by Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani and the Integrity Committee,” revealing that “large sums of tax money have been recovered, as well as the withdrawal of the arrest of a number of the accused and the issuance of arrest warrants against a number of the accused.

Nassif explained, “Those involved in the crime of stealing the century are divided into two parts, the first has documents and evidence, and the other part is like the masterminds, and among these are former ministers in the Al-Kazemi government.”

On the other hand, a member of the State of Law Coalition, Ibrahim Al-Sakini, stressed, during his interview with Al-Maalouma, the need to place the former prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, under scrutiny until the completion of investigations into all corruption files that took place during his government, pointing to the importance of holding a public trial for Al-Kazemi over All files involved.

Meanwhile, the representative of the coordination framework, Muhammad Hassan, confirmed to Al-Maalouma, that “Al-Kazemi made suspicious appointments outside his powers and took decisions that do not rely on legal grounds, and he knows that,” adding, however, by saying: “We will demand the next prime minister to reconsider all decisions.” Unconstitutional and legal that Al-Kazemi took during his term as head of the government.