Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-25-2022

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-25-2022

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions7-25-2022 Newshound Guru Walkingstick [via Frank26] IOO the WTO obviously knows when the CBI will give the GOI the new exchange rate…why…? Because as a member of the WTO their currency must be convertible with no restrictions. This is the law of the WTO and you are seeing it displayed right before your eyes… therefore IMO the new exchange rate…[is] soon to be released and used inside of Iraq by the citizens of Iraq and out of Iraq beyond their boarders…

7-25-2022 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We already know the VALUE is not reflected in the RATE of the IQD as alone oil revenues
along with the other assets such as minerals, gold, etc, would surely bring the IQD way over $3 never mind the current 1/6 of penny. So, if you are still waiting for Iraq to turn totally capitalistic and build an enormous economy don’t hold your breath, this is not how it going to happen.

7-25-2022 Newshound Guru Jeff Kazemi will be reinstated two terms for Prime Minister. Look for him to be reinstated on a Saturday.

7-24-2022 Newshound Guru Kaperoni All of this nonsense about a new exchange rate, paying people in dinar, new contracts. It’s all just bullshit! A country’s currency exchange rate is based on the economic growth it’s not a random act. Only with the success and growth of the economy can the dinar rise in value…If and when it floats it will rise gradually based on the success and growth of the economy.

7-24-2022 Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram Why would Iraq or any other country want to increase their currency value against the highest currencies in the world today? Why not leave it alone? The answer is simple. When a country’s currency value is low against other currencies in the world, people in that country cannot afford certain necessities. When we look at Iraq we see that they have a unique situation because OPEC has always required that oil revenues be paid in U.S. dollars.

7-24-2022 Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram Thus Iraq earns in U.S. dollars and spends in Iraqi dinars so they are in no hurry to revalue their currency. They need to purchase military equipment from France or the United States – they use dollars. When they need to build housing for the Iraqi people they use Iraqi dinars. The wealth transfer coming from Iraq is a more feasible wealth transfer but only after Iraq gains control over the overprinted IQD.

7-24-2022 Newshound Guru Tivon …We are just about there…the EFSL was not a fluke…It cut through all the BS we have been enduring for all these years. The writing is on the wall. Great times ahead for everyone. We are either days or weeks away. I wonder if the CBI still plans on making a move this week? We’ll see soon enough…

7-24-2022 Newshound Guru Jeff The rate change is in front of you right now…you’re waiting on that government but it is done formed and complete they just can’t show it to you…everything happening in Iraq right now is happening around the rate change date. It’s the nucleus…the formation of the government is revolving around the rate change date. That’s why they keep kicking the political can…it’s synchronized…and aligns with the scheduled rate change date.

7-24-2022 Guru Nader From The Mid East People are asking a lot of questions – Do I have to travel to France to change my dinar? …The article says the starting point is Europe. They’re not talking about United States. The starting point is Europe for the banking sector…will be Paris and France. United States we don’t know what city. It could be the capital Washington, New York, Miami. I don’t know. It’s going to be a big city just like they doing in Europe.

7-24-2022 Guru Nader From The Mid East For us [United States]… Australia… Asia…China we don’t know what city but…once they start they will start all over the world…You’re not going to have to travel to anywhere to change your dinars. If it’s going to be international, it’s going to be international. If it starts in Europe it’s going to start here [U.S.] the same day, same hours and minutes, same everything…

7-24-2022 Newshound Guru Walkingstick [via Frank26] Everything the CBI needs to release the new exchange rate to Kazemi and his GOI is already in written form. Written is the information of what the citizens and the world are learning about the monetary reform to its directives.

7-24-2022 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat … a week ago…Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said and I quote- “Changing the exchange rate is possible, but it requires patience and careful study,” adding, “We need to cook on a quiet fire and monitor prices until the end of 2022, oil prices and foreign reserves.” To me this is telling us not to expect any change in the exchange rate of the dinar until at least the end of 2022…I firmly believe they are trying to pay off their debts prior to the RV. They already paid off all war reparations to Kuwait- good news! They can also pay off the IMF loan by the end of the year if oil prices remain high – good news!

7-24-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Article- This is important: “Central Bank: Paris will be the starting point of the Iraqi Banking Sector towards Europe” This is the Central Bank of Iraq. And it says Paris will be the starting point. Why do they need to be expanding all over the world if they have a useless currency?