An American newspaper: America and Iran stand quietly behind Al-Kazemi, whose task is to balance them

An American newspaper: America and Iran stand quietly behind Al-Kazemi, whose task is to balance them

5/30/2020 12:50

An American newspaper - America and Iran stand quietly behind Al-Kazemi whose task is to balance them[Follow-up]
The American Wall Street Journal considered that the task of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi lies in balancing between two opposing powers, the United States and Iran, and keeping the “steering” of Iraq away from the possibility of turning into a battleground between them.

The American newspaper said in a report today that it had seen [Wayne] on a translated version of it, that Washington and Tehran met quietly behind an Iraqi politician who you think would be crucial to prevent further chaos in his country, noting that Al-Kazemi as prime minister had already presented good initiatives to the demonstrators who opposed Iranian influence and groups loyal to Tehran, which considers the demonstrations an “American plot”, according to the report.

And she added that Al-Kazemi “days after assuming office, ordered the raid on a small militia that killed a demonstrator in the southern city of Basra, in a move seen as a sign of his intention to curb the more powerful factions associated with Iran.

” Days later, in a clear step to reassure these paramilitary groups Iranian-backed, visited its headquarters and praised its role in the war against ISIS, “according to the newspaper’s vision.

The newspaper quotes Ghaleb Al-Shabandar, an Iraqi political analyst who knows Al-Kazemi since he was a teenager, saying:“ He (Al-Kazemi) makes friends, even with his enemies. ” .

She said supporters Kazmi hope to be able to maintain the fragile balance in order to put Iraq on the best course, after the country emerged from the war against al – Daesh is currently struggling with the pressures of lower oil prices.

the “Wall Street Journal” that the challenges faced by Al-Kazemi is enormous, despite the decline in popular protests that forced his predecessor to resign, but public anger is greater than ever.

Meanwhile, ISIS has intensified its attacks against Iraqi security forces, seeking to take advantage of the security challenges arising from the outbreak of the Corona virus and cracks in the partnership between Washington and Baghdad.

The newspaper says that US officials worked closely with Al-Kazemi as head of the intelligence agency during the war against ISIS, and his rise represented an opportunity to mend the relations that had faded under former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

It quoted Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker as saying that Al-Kazemi had done a “good job” as chief of intelligence, while welcoming in partnership with him.

The two countries are scheduled to hold a strategic dialogue in June to define the terms of their future relationship, as Washington looks to reduce its commitments without enabling ISIS to reappear.

It also considers Al-Kazemi a partner who is ready to prevent Iraq from being more drawn into Tehran’s bosom.

“There is some hope and optimism that we have a partner who works first and foremost for Iraq,” a Western diplomat told the newspaper.