Al-Lakash calls Al-Kazemi to schedule the early elections

Al-Lakash calls Al-Kazemi to schedule the early elections

27/5/2020 18:04

Al-Lakash calls Al-Kazemi to schedule the early electionsAyna News

Baghdad, the former deputy, Muhammad al-Lakash, called on Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi to set a date for early elections.

Al-Lakash said in a statement, which Wayne received a copy of, that “the Prime Minister of the transitional government should fire a mercy bullet to Parliament by setting a date for early elections in cooperation with the Electoral Commission and that this date does not exceed the first half of next year.”

He added, “Any date that is set after this date is not valuable to him because he is close to the end of the current legislative session, and this is what political blocs are working on to extend the life of Parliament.”

Al-Lakash added that “for the option of his government, Al-Kazemi, to work to achieve this, especially as it came for this purpose, which is one of its first tasks, and this is the demand of the supreme religious authority, as well as the majority of citizens, including peaceful demonstrators. It out. ”

He noted that “the failure to send the election law to date by the Presidency of the Parliament to the President of the Republic for the purpose of ratification on the pretext of not completing the schedules of the multiple constituencies is a dangerous precedent for circumventing the legislation in the future. Elections are those that are determined either for each administrative unit to have a degree of electoral district or for every hundred thousand voters with an electoral district.

Al-Lakash concluded his statement by saying that the recognition of some parliamentarians that this parliament died in secret is the validity of what we went to by demanding early elections and they should not allow the corrupt, fraudulent, and clowned deputies to revive this council and keep the situation as it is until the end of this legislative session.