6-25-2012 Blaino Over the last 48hrs I had confirmations from the CBI that this was done on Sunday the 10th. Then the in-fighting came and delayed it. It’s happened 4 times since the 10th but they are getting closer.

6-25-2012 Hammerman China is really under the gun to get this done. All documents are signed. The RV is set for a worldwide announcement. I would think they would get this done by Thursday. It doesn’t have to be done by Thursday but my contacts told me that 23 countries will RV by Friday and the main ones are Iraq and Vietnam. I can’t prove this but it’s what my solid sources are telling me. The dong will be in the mid teens with or without Iraq. The dinar will be closer to the RI rate.

6-26-2012 DinarWishes Well Peeps things look really great for this to come to a close.

6-26-2012 BWM we are EXCHANGING CURRENCIES… something that happens everyday for travelers going to and from country to country… IF we sold the currencies in our banks AND CURRENCY exchange locations (not collectives exchange locations) then we can safely dictate that unless the currency is declared NON TRADABLE by OUR government then we will continue to exchange the dinar for dollars.

6-26-2012 Hammerman Last night 48 media organizations were closed down in Iraq then an additional 11 were ordered to shut down. They are trying to keep information from getting out. Iraq passed 20 laws, 6 of them were related to the RV over the weekend. 3 more were passed today [Monday]. Also, the CBI put some articles stating that they were doing a test run, 2 day trial period on the smart cards. They also said to prepare for new coins and new bills on the street. The HCL and Erbil were both done on Friday according to my sources. Point blank, it’s a finished deal. It’s a finished, finished thing. Over done.

6-26-2012 Mike We have seen articles about Maliki trying to take Najafi out and other things going on. One of the things Maliki did is close 44 news agencies in Iraq. These things are starting to weigh very heavily on all of the political peoples minds…because it is looking alot like Sadam and what a dictator would do – Shut down the news, etc…thats why the news has been very sketchy and crazy lately…We are looking forward to things happening – this could be an exciting next couple of days…be prepared for anything to happen on the government side.