Space shuttle landing for the U.S. Army in California after secret mission

Space shuttle landing for the U.S. Army in California after secret mission

Posted 17/06/2012 06:33 PM

Cape Canaveral (Florida) (Reuters) – Air Force officials said on Saturday that the U.S. space shuttle robot for the U.S. Army (-37 X B) returned to California at 0548 (1248 GMT) from a secret test flight lasted 15 months.

The mini-space plane, also known as orbital test vehicle 2 in the Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, at a distance of 209 kilometers to the north-west of Los Angeles. This is the second U.S. spacecraft that are self-landing on the tarmac after a trip into space.

Space shuttle robot for the U.S. Army (-37 X-B)
Lieutenant-Colonel Tom McIntyre Director of the program (X -37 B) “with the referral to the space shuttle fleet retirement program, the X -37 me for the test vehicle tropical brings a unique ability to develop space technology.”

He added, “provides the ability to return to the Air Force testing new technologies without the same commitment to the danger faced by other programs. Proud of the successful efforts of the entire team to get the job to an excellent result.”

Emerged spacecraft (X -37 B) on its maiden voyage in 2010 and landed at the base of self-Vandenberg after 224 days in space. The Soviet space shuttle Buran, which made a trip to a single space in 1988 the first ship landing autonomously.

Army will not disclose what it was doing the test vehicle during a tropical -2 journey in space, which lasted 15 months, but the third task has already set in the timetable for launch this fall. The spacecraft was launched aboard Atlas 5 rocket is manned from Cape Canaveral Air Force on 5 March 2010.

The Boeing Phantom Works to build two spacecraft similar to the mechanism by which space shuttles as compounds mini-test.

The military says – who took over the program from the Department of Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – he uses them to find out how to renew spaceships that are used in frequent trips in a fast and inexpensive.
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