Why ataxia of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar?

Why ataxia of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar?

Palm – suffering of the Iraqi economy since the fall of the former regime in 2003 and so far the absence of catastrophic collapses of national strategies in the overall development, particularly the economic harmony of the articles of the constitution, which promised people the state of well-being and prosperity in various fields and the first economic stability.

This deterioration will inevitably have many reasons first of what we inherited from the economic structure peculiar from the former regime have been eroded because of wars and sanctions and resolutions mood of the leader of necessity and increased by the lack of real plans for the development of the system later and this deterioration of the public sector and shut down factories, and government laboratories and shared its doors and turned to the departments of arrest pay without the production and said the same thing on the commercial sector and agriculture.

And turning so Iraq with all its cities to a mere market for the disposal of goods poor, which are often of the worst origins of international and turned citizens into consumers and non-product state to the importer and we are import progress, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes and vacuum containers and trash, detergents, Agaymr, milk and milk products and we import even dates Saudi Arabia and the UAE, although we have the 30 million trees produce hundreds of varieties that envy them Araban Gulf, but today Asdronha us after the thieves took all the palm forests and the use of their dealers have Iraqi nationality and everything was orderly, leaving only the holy places may one day claim one of the countries neighboring the premises under. everything that has happened known and unknown, and also still measures are absent and degradation constant and the consolation only the occupation, despite its horror, was able to preserve the value of Iraqi dinar in the market for international transactions but after that restored sovereignty, We caught the whole file, including the currency and we found ourselves under the economic occupation of neighboring countries, one of the mafias of traders and speculators have reflected the crisis of Iran and Syria on the Iraqi economy and started the Iraqi currency collapse because of the diversion of hard currency to neighboring countries, quickly and easily through banks or through open borders and enacting and across the bags senior officials and influential are not subject to inspection or account, and perhaps the coming months and with the escalation of political crisis, local, regional, experts predict greater frequency in the dinar exchange and this means high prices of all food and result in a decline in the purchasing power of ordinary citizens and not importers and this is what will lead to a state of discontent will be reflected on the security situation and social development.
As well as the emergence of complexity in all areas of life, including property prices and rents, which will be exacerbated because of smuggling foreign currency out of Iraq and the return of large numbers of Iraqis to escape the hell the Syrian and may be followed by migrations from Iran or from farther away all will affect the dinar and the exchange rate and the expected exposure to the shocks big despite statements senior officials of the Bank of Iraq for the safety of the position and strength of the dinar and the presence of a cover full of hard currency by more than 100% but the market says that the value of the dollar rises against the dinar significantly and that the bank threatens traders procedures some of which will pay large speculators to handle the smuggling of currency disposal of those threats.

Strange and weird thing is the silence of Parliament and its economic, government and its advisers about these developments and prospects as if they were all strangers does not concern this fact, nor Athspon the coming days and crises.

Firas al-Hamdani Ghadhban