Parliamentary Finance: reject the dictates of the International Monetary Fund

Parliamentary Finance: reject the dictates of the International Monetary Fund

Sunday 15 May 2016 | 9:46

Parliamentary Finance - reject the dictates of the International Monetary FundBAGHDAD / … criticized the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan, Sunday, the dictates of the International Monetary Fund and invite them to reduce the federal budget in exchange for the agreed loan already disbursed.

Said Sarhan’s “Eye of Iraq News,” “The budget is a federal law in force, voted by the House of Representatives after extensive discussion, and can not be amended only through a veto of the law of the Federal Court and sent back to parliament to amend it according to specific paragraphs, or through a proposal submitted signed by fifty Deputy to modify it according to specific conditions. ”

“The budget can not cut it, they originally are compressed, and the employees and retirees and the card Altamonah and fuel subsidies salaries allocations are a red line can not be compromised.”

He said the “international loan believe that there was no risk of him any, because it represents an agreement signed between the IMF and the Iraqi government.”

Ahmad noted that “we reject any dictates or conditions established by the International Monetary Fund in exchange for submitting a loan has been agreed in advance to help Iraq,” pointing out that “the stenosis or the imposition of conditions and interventions or dictations are things that can not be accepted, which is unacceptable,” stressing that “the IMF international, said he wanted to help Iraq without conditions, we welcome them. ”

The House of Representatives, called last Thursday of the political blocs and parliamentary committees to hold a meeting on Sunday, to resolve the two files security and economic, adding that the International Monetary Fund for Iraq, told the necessity of modifying the budget bill to be reduced in order to hopefully disbursement of the loan during the coming period, pointing out that “the treasury State is unable to pay and benefits for the people without access to this loan salaries it has become necessary to take legislative and legal procedures necessary for this matter. ”

Iraq is seeking recently to borrow from the International Monetary Fund to plug the shortfall in the budget for the current year, which amounts to 25 trillion dinars, after the fall in oil prices to levels 13 Mtdnah.anthy