5-21-2012 Poppy3  I have now read this in three places that they have this 7 day waiting period before the actual removal. I have noticed in the last 3 days maliki has been silenced and they quit paying any attention to anything he has said over a week AGO…He seems to have realized he is cooked.  I…think they are having all these progressive meeting’s daily as preparation for post maliki. The rv appears to be a very front and center subject.  Dr shabibi has been in meetings at least 12 of the last 14 days addressing all phases of financial subjects and the effect changes will have for Iraq and the global economies. Best timing guess at this point in time is rv will take us into the first week or two of june at best. I still believe they can rv from this moment on but if the Dr. Has waited for a seated GOI and Erbil this long why would he change his mind now??? I don’t think so.

5-21-2012  BWM I still maintain that Iraq has DONE all they need to do to RV…but the underlying complications still come from stability IMO…it’s a situation that someone doesn’t necessarily have the “power” to DO something…they have just enough SAY to keep things from going smooth.

5-21-2012 Randy Koonce  Let me answer the biggest question i am getting “Is Maliki out?” NO he is not out…and, NO it has not RV’d and it is in the system just waiting to become live…give me a break! Breathe it is very close.

5-21-2012  Jonnywg  well we all waited in anticipation yesterday…and unfortunately nothing transpired…all is still in place for it to go through…we wait for the results of the G8…we feel the G8 may be talking about this and the impact, negative or positive it has to be released…we are in the 34th hour of the 36th hour time slot…and the G8 MEETINGS ARE STILL ON so we may have to wait.   I feel that it is a matter of time.

5-21-2012 ArizonaHeat  my sources are much different than anyone elses, they say a ways off, but this year…but thats just my guys, no one else…or intel provider…talks to them, they could be totaly wrong.

5-21-2012  Angelquest other than the deadline already noted I can say no more…we have said it is here and fact is it is when THEY release it that is all.