Allkash: Set Keywords Central Bank step for the owners to dissolve parliament and postpone the elections

Allkash: Set Keywords Central Bank step for the owners to dissolve parliament and postpone the elections

Saturday, 22 March / March 2014 08:34

Set Keywords Central Bank step for the owners to dissolve parliament and postpone the elections[Baghdad – where]

MP for the mass of Mohammed Allkash decision by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki appointed Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, leader of the Islamic Dawa Party [on the Keywords in the position of Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, as “a flagrant violation of the Astqalah independent bodies.”

The MP for the coalition of state law gum Sadeq al-Maliki said the decision to withdraw the hand of Abdul-Basit Turki administration of the central bank and the appointment of the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords instead of him as he sets the assigned tasks and in the bank.

He Allkash told all of Iraq [where] “We are afraid and we are concerned Kalshab Iraqi such decisions affecting the independence of the flagrant such institutions such as the Central Office of Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission and others.”

“We hope to keep this institution independent monetary in the country away from government intervention, but we see government intervention blatant in these bodies and Tasva very Thus incident Valalaq a confidant of al-Maliki and today there are hazy about what we pass him by choosing people incompetent place appropriate and Iraqi street feel apprehensive, especially people close to the government Btzlmanm important positions such as the Central Bank. ”

The Allkash that “some of the recent measures taken by al-Maliki, in my opinion suggest to go to the postponement of the elections or the declaration of an emergency government or dissolve parliament and this fear exists, especially after changing positions by al-Maliki and our doubts of this matter, but the al-Maliki has warned repeatedly that the Aalab fire if What made these three measures. ”

The Council of Ministers decided on 16 October 2012 to request the President of Supreme Audit Abdel Basset Turki to manage the Iraqi Central Bank, succeeding Governor Sinan al-Shabibi issued an arrest warrant on charges of corruption.

There were conflicting reports on more than once about the intention Turki to resign from his post as governor of the bank, most recently last September against the backdrop summoned by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after he sent him strongly criticized, describing his performance bank Palmtkhalaf and bad and told him that mishandling effect on the course of the Iraqi economy. On Somewhat reported by some media. however adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi denied the news and said the continuation of the job at the head of Turkish Central Bank administration.

The MP for the Liberal bloc Jawad al-Jubouri may count delivery to the central bank’s management: “It was dangerous and a step in the consecration of monopoly power.”

Jubouri said to [where] “if he were to withdraw the hand of Abdul-Basit Turki Initiative of the central bank and the appointment of Keywords, this is very dangerous, especially in the central bank, which is one of the independent bodies that were associated Vartbatha House of Representatives of Iraq.”

It is said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in his weekly in 5 of the current month through his criticism of the House of Representatives for the delay in approving the budget in 2014, “he disabled the legislation of the state budget, which is the law of the exchange rate means that there is a departure and Mrouka the Constitution and this means that the institution graduated from Constitution no longer have that legitimacy which should be out this sense we made an appeal to the context and the work of the parliament to the Federal Court and I do not see him become a legitimate dilatory this policy to work state. “ended 2.