Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-20

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-20

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions10-20-2013 Newshound Guru Arthur It wasn’t till recently I…realized that the articles are not what the Iraqi’s themselves are being told. On their television they are getting a completely different story…They are not fretting as much as we are led to believe because their news casts are telling them exactly how close they are to revaluating their currency. They talk about the RV everyday that we have seen for over a week now.

10-20-2013 Newshound Guru Arthur They talk about how much international support they are getting for becoming totally international with a revalued currency and the deletion of the zeros. The last thing Iraq said on their main evening news yesterday was quote: “The drive to reevaluate the currency and delete zeroes is receiving more approval within the parliament and financial advisors…..the project should be implemented WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAYS.”

10-20-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 …we have seen marked progress with the Global Currency Reset. I have had almost daily contact with some folks within some of our Federal agencies who, though they are not directly involved, have regular discussions with people who are. Despite our best intel, there are events taking place that we are sometimes unaware of that impede the process and throw our information askew.

10-20-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 Saturdays are not days when new information like this Global Reset get released so that puts things off to Sunday night at the earliest. I say Sunday night at the earliest because we might still see a delay in order to comply with international banking protocols (meaning Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday). Does that mean we wait until Tuesday? I don’t know. I’d like to hope we see things pop before then, and there are other indicators that we might…We have talked about expected rates on several occasions, and everything I see and hear continues to confirm the same ballpark numbers.

10-20-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 A mutual brother in the Lord who is a banker called me and introduced me to a gentleman who had been a part of Bush 41’s administration, the Clinton Administration, Bush 43’s administration, and even Obama’s first term. He provided me with a level of information and insight into the whole process that has been nothing short of amazing. This gentleman knows some of the “button-pushers” involved in the GCR. He advised me that “the process is complete,” and stated that we should see things “imminently.” I was able to independently confirm his information…So where does that leave us? At the bank, I hope, ready for exchange. Today [Saturday], tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? I expect YET to receive one final piece of confirming news that the trigger has indeed been pulled and that we will see the rates on bank screens.

10-20-2013 PUMPER Guru TNT Tony I know you wanted to see the RV this morning [Saturday] when you woke up and so did I. It’s not here, but it is still on the way. Bank personnel were working today and looking for the RV to occur. They started at 7am est this morning and exchange center personnel have now been sent home and placed on standby for tomorrow [Sunday]. They were told to report back at 7am Monday. Call center personnel are still fully staffed and are expecting something to happen between now and 12 midnight. Everyone is still expecting this to happen this weekend. Don’t be surprised if it does and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t. Just be ready…

10-20-2013 PUMPER Guru TNT Tony As far as Iraq is concerned I just received info that the lower denoms are loaded in some areas and not in others. Know and believe that the system is complete and has been tested both Friday and Saturday, so no problem there. There is no one trying to stop the RV that I know of, it is just a timing issue. There is still a scheduled chance for tonight [Saturday] and if not, for the entire weekend.

Guru Critic, “Whatever” Tony.

10-19-2013 Intel Guru TD I’m learning more details (explicit details) about what was discussed in Washington last weekend with CL [Christine Lagarde], the IMF and World Central Banks and Iraq’s role & future ambitions. It’s a bit somber news to say the least but it is what it is and still much needed work on economic & banking fronts was laid out. A big concern from the IMF is Iraq’s inability to date is to move their banking sector from the weak public sector to a more robust private operating manner and attracting much needed foreign investment & capital.

10-19-2013 Intel Guru TD Blueprints of various needed reforms is in the Economic Reform package and while drafted, it needs to be passed (hopefully this coming week). Then vital execution of these policies will take place over the course of the next few months. Still much needed work in the eyes of the IMF & world nations, particularly Iraq’s neighbors where places like Turkey the IQD is not even exchanged at any bank ( in it’s current form).

10-19-2013 Intel Guru TD Iraq needs to shore up it’s political stability, become diversified in other production of other goods (not just export oil) and gain confidence in investment capital & encourage safe tourism to enter the world arena. Introduction of any kind of strong currency at this stage would not be sustainable and would potentially collapse their stock market & their economy. I have to take great exception therefore with …claims of $20+ rates and hope that dinarians take a step back and realize where this country has been, where it wants to go and the much needed time it needs still to get their house in order.

10-19-2013 Intel Guru TD The truth is much needed work in the country’s economic, banking & investment infrastructure will still need time. This is Iraq’s future to execute and show the world it’s potential. Real work and grinding of the day to day economy is how it will be built and ultimately enjoy success. I was told that the PTB’s have a detailed map to execution to follow, many hoping to execute by next years elections and that the June 2014 plan to conclude remains on the table but is challenging in it’s goal as I report today.

10-19-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG [do you think this upcoming meeting with O has any relevance to our event, or is it just another meeting on the political road?] Just a meeting – I’m hoping we’re done by then. [Does iraq need an increase in dinar value ( compliance with UN article* *to enter into WTO member status?] I’m not sure Iraq HAS to have value in the Dinar prior to full WTO status…so I won’t say…just facts. I have some suspicions about where we are and the evidence mounts in our favor daily…but I cannot “guarantee” anything.