6-8-2012  Doc  Money supply needs to be reduced to support a significant RV.  We will not argue the absolute value of the current money supply since it does not matter.  Lets just say it is 10s of trillions and has to be reduced to support a RV.  Without a reduction even a RV of $1 is economic suicide.  The value of the dinar would be greater than all the currencies currently in the world. This is also why when anyone who proposes ridiculous rates like $3+ obviously have no clue of basic economic principles.

6-8-2012  Mike  Nobody knows the time or the date…Watch what is going on…This is a process – its not something that is going to happen overnight.  Are we moving forward?  YES we are moving forward…We are moving someone out of the way – The CBI is in place and lets look at all the next steps as we come forward…its just a matter of time…and in the great words of Iraq…any moment now…which we all know what that means.

6-8-2012  BWM I still believe what is going on in Iraq is a “theatre” of sorts… just waiting for the world to tell it to “wrap it up” and close the curtain after they announce their final to-do list.

6-8-2012  Frank26  one of the WTO prerequisites is to have an internationally recognizable and tradable currency in order for them to be full member. The only way that’s going to happen is for them to be accepted as part of the world economic community. This is why…the UNSC, which is the USA, will not give them the keys to their shackles, the final part of chapter 7, until they raise the value of their currency; because that is one of the prerequisites to enter the WTO, which also is the USA. Do you see the catch 22? We are in control. We will not allow them to do anything until they know what they are doing with their currency. From the 7th – 15th we are looking for the birth [RV?] to be announced. Then on the 15th the UNSC can give Iraq Chapter 7. If not they will be moved over to next month and so will the tariffs on the 30th.

6-8-2012  Ray my contact…was telling me…the people in Iraq…want Maliki to complete his term of 18 months that are left. They voted for him and want him to finish his term. They are also saying that if Maliki goes, then they are going to protest and ask for the removal of Talabani, Barzani and Allawi too. They feel Maliki can finish the job and want the Kurds and Sunnis to butt out and work with Malaki. They are upset with the Kurds trying to do things on their own instead of following the Constitution. They truly want democracy to work and not have just a few leaders try to dictate how things should be. I still truly feel this investment is going to happen as you do.

Source: dinarguru