6-17-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    if it’s truly a “secret ballot” it will be even worse…for Maliki.  It will be a “landslide” – he has a very short, final window of opportunity. He has no major supporters and time is almost out. However, I do get the sense that he either intends to resign or fully implement – I always had the impression he would fight…it just doesn’t look like it right now…the only thing that might save Maliki is the magnificent pressure being applied gets him to “live up to” his end of the deal. Period. Other than that – he’s a “dead man walking”.   [“continued in post 5…stay tuned”]

6-17-2012  Intel Guru Hammerman  Smart cards are out in Iraq…even Iraqi citizens (foreign nationals) here in the USA received them. Iraq Military and the Iraq Government are using them.  Not all – some are using them at this point. All will have them to use by next week. Smart cards are mainly for the distribution of all revenue when that comes out (Oil revenues income).  Someone said smart cards were for welefare payments (wrong!). There will be no welefare in Iraq.  Any poor people will be non-citizens in Iraq. All these people (Iraq Citizens) will be FILTHY RICH…everyone of them.

6-17-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3    I have several broken bones in fact all bones on my right shoulder are broken plus three ribs…pain has been awful but they have me on a much stronger meds now and i am getting some relief finally.  I am out of the loop on the dinar except for a few sources.  ALL IS VERY WELL WITH THE RV . It is still dependent on timing on Maliki situation regardless of what many are telling you. They should act yea or nay on [Maliki] between the the 19th and 22nd then move fast to get us our rv…hang tuff and i will also.

6-17-2012  Newshound Guru Doc   We have seen a flury of wrong information posted on many sites this past week.  First, the discussion on Iraq/Kuwait and chapter 7 by the UNSC is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19 and not yesterday (Friday) as many reported.  Friday was simply the date to get the reports to the UNSC for review.  Unfortunately the initial reaction to the report is not as favorable as we would have hoped.  It was reported that Ban Ki-moon “..expressed regret yesterday for lack of tangible progress in the issue of missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti property in Iraq.”  And it was further reported that the report recommended that the international coordinator be funded through the end of the year.  While we will obviously wait and see what happens Tuesday our hopes of chapter 7 release are somewhat diminished.  This initial response to the report was less than a glowing review.

6-17-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Most of what we have heard over the last month from the various Maliki camps and what we’ll hear coming up is just posturing. They have virtually no chance and now they know it. The SLC, Dawa party and NA are doing everything they can to try and stem the tide of this sentiment. It won’t happen. This is a runaway freight train and this coming week will be very interesting.

6-17-2012  Newshound Guru Mike    we know they are going to do whatever they are going to do with their political process but it is our opinion what we really need to have is Oil and Gas Law done.  They can fight for the power once Parliament is in on the 21st but the 140/Oil & gas is so very important.

6-17-2012  Intel Guru Hammerman  Bank activity today has been phenomenal. SPECULATED Rate IS TO BE at above $3.50 per DINAR – is all I’m saying.  Viet Nam Dong…Expected to go to .15 -maybe .16.  BANKS are saying it will go down this weekend.  If you learn how to intepret things – Later next week…It may show this weekend -We may not know it till next week.

6-17-2012  Intel Guru Dinar Wishes   Something has to happen very soon as in before the end of the month if not sooner…. I feel it will come when we least expect it.

Source: dinarguru