4-27-2012, GURU GUESSES!!

4/26/2012 Intel Guru FreewayBill If you have been digging for intel, it is now time to put your shovel away! A lot of things happened yesterday that makes this RV literally in a matter of the AMN category and it is coming! This is running it’s course to get to a release time. Could be today, could be by Sunday night. (Yes, might be another weekend).

4/26/2012 Scooter they have themselves in a dilemna right now centralized control vs decentralized control it’s a growth problem really… remember this country is in its embryonic stage of development…in the beginning, they absolutely required this to be centralized and now the natural economic forces are demanding decentralized movement of exchange…now why is this good well, for one the banking sector is demanding this ability but remember the auctions were the biggest tool that Shabs had to control inflation, decentralization of this power could have a dramatic effect on a country that relies so heavilly upon their oil revenues, the volatility in the oil market alone could destroy that economy…having centralized control of those auctions has been critical to stablize the exchange rate if the exchange rate were to float could mean complete catastrophe for the Iraqi Economy, however they might be to the point in the development where decentralization, at least a little bit, is needed… stopping the auctions is nothing to be afraid or worried, in fact there’s a lot of positives in my mind…it just means that they might have taken the next step.

4/27/2012 Okie_Oil_Man/Bulldog75 we are getting verifications and confirmations of intel received yesterday. At this exact time and moment, things are wonderful.

4/27/2012 Frank26 There is just too many things we are seeing that tell us you are about to do something…You just don’t stop the CBI auctions…Unless you are about to raise the value of your currency! The CBI we believe with all sincerity is poised to raise the value of their currency because if they remove the auctions, they can’t make money with the USD. But if they close the auctions and lift the value, they can make money off their own money and they know this. Everyone is happy with Iraq now; IMF, UN, Kuwait, Kurds, WTO, UNSC, AoP. It is a cornucopia of everything we need to see in our investment. Chapter 7 is being talked about again…remember if they get Chapter 7 they will walk straight into Article 8 but remember they will never get there unless the revalue their currency.

4/27/2012 Adam Montana The only thing I count on the CBI for is to do what is in Iraq’s best interest. That’s one of my main reasons for staying in this investment so long. Think about it: Has the RV happened yet? No. BUT has the value of the Dinar steadily risen since 2003? YOU BET IT HAS. I’m staying in this investment because unlike so many of our 401ks, this one continues to go UP in value. RV or not, I like my chances here.

4/27/2012 Fresh THE VOLUME IS PRETTY STATIC NORMALLY AROUND 40 MILLION UNITS DAILY…FOR THE IQD ON THE (EXOTIC) FOREX CURRENCY EXCHANGE…THE MOST WE’VE SEEN IT SPIKE WAS A FEW WEEKS AGO TO 1.5 BILLION OR A LITTLE LESS THAN THAT – THE VOLUME JUST SPIKED TO 13 BILLION!!! COULD BE HUGE COULD BE NOTHING. To recap – our contact a few months ago said based on his experience with one other currency posting a “pre RV notice” on Exotic Forex was the volume spiked HUGE right before it ultimately RV’d – …we are monitoring and will report…any additional details and developments when we get them.