Zebari confirms to achieve outstanding progress in out of Chapter VII

Zebari confirms to achieve outstanding progress in out of Chapter VII

18:54 05/30/2013

Zebari confirms to achieve outstanding progress in out of Chapter VIIFollow-up – and babysit –
Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq sought to get out of the international sanctions imposed on it in Chapter VII of the UN Security Council.

Zebari said at a news conference at the Foreign Ministry in Baghdad on Thursday that “all forces and political leaders and religious leaders and sages are required today unity and solidarity to repel the terrorist attack fierce targeting Iraq and his presence and his regime and everyone are required to stand by the government’s efforts to eliminate the terrorists.”

He reviewed Zebari, Iraq’s efforts to emerge from international sanctions, saying, “We have reached excellent results in the field out of Iraq from Chapter VII and the decisions imposed on it too harsh did not impose on any country predecessors, which numbered [60] decision by the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait.”

“It is thanks to the efforts of diplomatic, political and difficult negotiations and arduous we were able to get rid of the majority of these decisions and we can not say that Iraq is practically came out of Chapter VII in Taahidh with the countries of the world and just stayed relation with Kuwait, which is about four decisions summarized in three groups, including humanitarian issue of prisoners and missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti archives and Amiri This file ends up finding all the bodies and the remains and re-archive, and we confirm that no interest to us in concealing any body or retain any of the parts of the archive. ”

He Zebari “We cooperate in the return of parts of this archive after 2003 and not only in communion with Kuwait, but with the Security Council and we are optimistic that the report of the Secretary-General of the UN to be submitted on 14 June next positive efforts in Iraq would emerge from the provisions of Chapter VII . ”

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the “subject hardest and most complex which was the maintenance of border markers and the demarcation of land and maritime borders was to remove the obstacles facing this file demarcation of the border and the removal of some of the houses and houses located in the border areas between the two countries and to compensate farmers through the money that was found in the United Nations Fund which has been withdrawn to pay compensation and signed with the Kuwaiti side during the past few days a memorandum of understanding to sustain maintenance of border markers outside the United Nations any between the two countries and that the Committee on the so meetings will be held in this regard as any normal relationship between the two countries as well as the signing of a memorandum of understanding to finance a residential compound in Umm Qasr to the victims of this demarcation. ”

And “as the subject of navigation in Khor Abdullah is one of the main corridors of Iraq and from which overlooking the bay and we were able to during the sessions and meetings very difficult signing of a joint agreement and joint management in navigation and was one of the achievements of Iraq.”

He added Zebari, “and stayed file compensation Iraq’s financial invasion of the former regime of Kuwait and that the ratio of the batch high through deduction of 30% of the oil revenue has been reduced to 25% after 2003 was reduced also to a large proportion reached 5%,” noting that “the size of the total amounts for war reparations owed by Iraq is $ 53 billion and has so far been paid about 43 billion and remained nearly $ 11 billion that has to be paid and that Iraq will be paid and our ability to do so. ”

He pointed out, “if we were able to pay these amounts we would have went out completely from the provisions of Chapter VII and the international sanctions imposed on Iraq, and if it was deducting these amounts at the same pace that we pay them, it is possible to end this file the end of 2015 so I can say that what has been achieved is a big achievement Iraq’s government and people to turn the page on the past with Kuwait and look forward to a bright future. ”

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